The A16 HTC Sneaks in a Filtration and Subtraction Images Some of Prominence to The HTC One M10

We are already at the gates of the MWC in Barcelona and technological media from around the world focus their attention on the event. In the mobile phone industry giants will take their best exponents and any news emerged there is magnified. HTC have a model in the oven, an HTC One M10, which curiously has chosen London for its presentation, taking off from the city of Barcelona.

With HTC out of play, the rest of the competition is to capture all the advertising that you can, and in this MWC will see the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5 and some other model which is among those provided for. Now, about to start the event, a new unknown HTC model has crept into the holders through a filtration. It’s the mysterious HTC A16, a new Member of A family of Taiwanese.

A model unknown to a family range

The appearance of this new HTC A16 is known to us, we sounds like some model that has left posed in us and which is none other than the HTC One A9. Accused many times of being a crude copy of the iPhone 6s, One A9 managed to retrieve something that seemed lost on HTC, the balance. A model built to be aesthetic and to run Marvel, however, skidded off in price.

The new specimen that is filtered now is a worthy descendant in design while in him we appreciate some differences with respect to the One A9. To begin with, we do not see the fingerprint reader front that did have the first model of HTC. To follow, their materials, which can be seen on the picture, give more sense of belonging to the family Desire that one, although Evan Blass filtration, revealing the name, does not offer any doubt in this regard.

Marshmallow and could haunt the $150

We do know one thing from this new leaked HTC A16, and it is due to aesthetics so particular to having the layer of the manufacturer. Sense running on these leaked images look makes clear that It’s a model with Android Marshmallow, something that was expected. A website called 3 c Talk says, moreover, that This A16 could cost around $150 so you should not expect high-end Interior specifications.

Already is very little to get it start the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the lateness of this filtering seems to announce the HTC A16 is the model chosen by HTC to be present at the event. We will confirm soon, but meanwhile Let’s take a look at the leaked pictures. We will keep the question until the end of If it of an international model or of one local, Although it points to the first.

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