Telecom Pulse In The Test: Android Tablet On Sale For 30 Euro!

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Telecom Tablet looks rather cheap with his white plastic housing will quickly grungy look with heavy use. But for 50 euros, customers get a properly-equipped Android tablet with comparatively long battery life (almost 9,5 hours) and an acceptable pace of work. Per order this product at Amazon acceptable image quality proper pace of work decent battery life memory expandable counter low brightness only Wi-Fi n satisfying any LTE – or UMTS version only for Telekom customers test note of the editorial 3,47 user rating now write a

Christmas offer of Telekom

Early Christmas gift for Telekom customers: the company has lowered the price of its already cheap Android tablets (originally according to the tariff from 50 euros) for a short time. Until 31 December 2015, and as long supplies last get all customers with existing Internet and fixed contract the Telecom pulse at a reduced price of 29.99 euros. There are also shipping 6.95 EUR, which account for when you pick up at the local telecom shop though. On an action page, prospective customers will find the appropriate order. Below read the our site test report to the Telecom pulse.

Tablet PC test: the best models in the browser

Test: Telecom pulse

If you buy cheap, buy twice: for decades, this legend in the holds. But now the technology world increasingly proves the opposite. Good smart phones cost more today no assets and also the Tablet market’s low-cost facilities. Very forward with it: the Amazon fire for enticing 60 euros. Once again 10 Euro cheaper this is Telekom pulse if you have a magenta-M or magenta-L fare at the Telecommunications giant. Our site has tested the 50-euro Tablet and shows how the cheap price affects the technique.

The best tablets

Average technology

Outside the Telekom Tablet looks rather cheap with his white plastic sleeve which is likely with heavy use quick grungy look. Convince the inner values? The Tablet has Android 5.0 and is connected to the Google play store. Thus, the app variety is not restricted, which takes on the large 16 GB internal storage space. Via microsd, you create space for more multimedia content. The 8-inch screen dissolves with 1280 x 800 pixels (189 ppi), but lacks the bright colors. The display looks pale and prone to excessive contrast.

Amazon fire: test of the small 60-Euro tablets

Great battery, moderate cameras

1 gigabyte memory and four mediatek cores will drive the system with a clock speed of 1.3 ghz. For everyday applications as messages read, reading or music listening enough once the pace of work. When browsing the slow browser slows down significantly. Gratifying: The battery full 4,060 milliampere hours (mah) holds about nine and a half hours with heavy use. The front camera captures Selfies with 2 megapixels, that little convincing look through visible noise and pale colors. Also the rear camera (5 megapixel) weakens with slight picture noise.

Collection of installed software

The Telekom origin is revealed at first glance: 14 Telecom apps, the music-streaming service Spotify, and Airbnb room B2B platform installed on the Android tablet. With the parental controls, you will determine what your kids can look at and how long the surfing experience for the next generation to last the day. In addition to the multimedia functions, the pulse as a control centre for the networked home is suitable. It lists missed landline calls and new voice messages, serves as a TV remote control with additional program information and controls many smart home applications.

For premium customers cheaper

The heart tablet is for new and existing customers of the fixed network products double play and triple play reduced from 49,99 Euro available. All others pay 149,99 EUR to this price there but better alternatives, for example the fire HD 8 Amazon. Note: Who is the shipping of 6.95 euros would like to save, the tablet in the Telekom shop pick free.