Tariffs with Smartphone: Blast Deals for Star Wars-Start

Spar mobile skin a real Smartphone killer L Deluxe out there along with an iphone 6 S (16 GB) at the absolute bargain price with the tariff Vodafone smart. Monthly 39.99 Euros on the tariff with allnet – SMS flat rate and 1.5 gigabytes in the LTE network from Vodafone. The iphone 6s (for the test) in space grey, silver, gold or pink gold for unique 19.95 euro there.

Conclude the contract directly with Vodafone, pay for the comparable fare Red 1.5 including iphone 6S (16 GB) 2 years proud 410 euro more.

For sale: Vodafone smart L Deluxe with iphone 6

For infrequent callers

Who, however, barely on the phone and texting, but frequently uses the mobile Internet, takes a look at the second spar mobile offerings: the provider puts together the Huawei honor 7 (for testing) and the collective smart surf O2 special from mobilcom-Debitel to a package. The latter contains inclusive volume for 14.99 Euros per 50 free minutes and-SMS, as well as 1 gigabyte per month. The Smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer costs 4.95 euros.

Mobilcom-Debitel even the tariff currently not together with the honor provides 7. But would book the mentioned rate with this provider and buy the Smartphone at the current price of around 350 euros to do so, you will pay more 225 euro during the minimum contract period.

For sale: Smart surf O2 special with Huawei honor 7

For frequent surfers

For users who go gladly and often want to go online with tablet or notebook, cheap mobile phone offers three different surf Flatrate at radically reduced prices. The Special: The rates use the good network of Telekom.

, You have the choice between a surf flat rate with 1, 3 or 6 GB inclusive volume. You opt for one of the two major contracts, they are even with LTE speed on the road with up to 50 megabits per second (mbit / s). The 1-gigabyte rate comes to maximum 7.2 mbit/s.

The offers are based on the tariffs Internet flat 1,000 Internet flat 3,000 and Internet flat 6,000) by mobilcom-Debitel. However, you pay for cheap mobile phone currently much less per month:

Offer: Internet flat with 1, 3 or 6 gigabytes

Applies for all offers: the contract runs for at least 24 months, there is not a connection fee. The fee on the normal price, which varies depending on the tariff increases from 25 months. You should cancel so no later than 3 months before the end of the contract term. Otherwise the contract automatically renews for another year.

Star Wars game

For the cinema launch of Star Wars: Episode 7 the awakening of power organized savings phone also a raffle with great Smartphone prizes and original Star Wars WINS. According to spar Mobile you must but be already a real expert in the matter, to have a chance of winning. Good luck!

To the competition by saving mobile