Taking Advantage of the Luminosity to Decorate Environments

Natural light indoors is reflected in a precious help for our emotional well-being. For example, a House that does not have an abundance of natural light during the day, we feel dark and dull and won’t be able to get the maximum effect of colors and textures chosen to decorate the interior spaces.

By very beautiful they are, there’s always a catch when you are badly lit. But there is a way around this situation – use artificial light in conjunction with natural light.

In terms of lighting, each room in the House turns out to be affected by the position in which you find yourself, for the guidance of sunlight (North, South, East or West), as well as the time of year (spring, summer, autumn, winter), weather (Sun, rain, snow) and the hours of the day, that determine how the Sun is low in the sky and is more or less covered up.

While the intensity and location of artificial light is entirely dependent on your choices, for the quantity and quality of light provided by the natural world, there’s not much you can do. But there is always something that is up to you. Next, we indicate you 5 ways to use as much natural light into the Interior of your House divisions.

5 tips to increase your home’s natural luminosity:

• Regularly clean the Windows

A basic thing to do to increase brightness inside the houses is clean the Windows with some regularity, whether inside or outside, so that the dirt didn’t reduce the light. If you don’t clean your Windows for a while you’ll notice the difference it makes.

• Use glass instead of opaque surfaces

If you own a house in low light, you can place a beautiful stained glass window in your door. To your privacy remains protected and your House will be a point of light. If, on the other hand, you think that your room has lots of natural light and doesn’t like to feel first thing in the morning, that Flash of warm sunshine in the summer, you can reduce this by placing a film on the glass or using a curtain or shade, which you can open and close when you want.

• Avoid cutting the light from Windows

Do not place furniture in front of the Windows. Although I’d like to put your work desk near the window to make the most of natural light, make sure that the placement of the furniture doesn’t block too much light for the rest of the divião of the House. Avoid also hang curtains that cover almost the entire glass. Choose curtains compact, unless the privacy of space is a big problem.

• Cut the trees
If you want to increase the natural light inside your home should cut any trees or bushes that, abroad, casts a shadow over their Windows or prevent the light to get to them. Do not place large vessels with high plants on your window sill, because they can block the light.

• Use light decoration

Light colors reflect all light that is available by passing an overall feeling of light, while dark colours reduce the light in the room, making the opinion darker than it actually is, so if you’re looking for more brightness inside your House, opt for painting your walls in colors in shades of cream and white. For floor coating, mosaics or clear wood choice. Also the color of the furniture reflects more or less luminisidade in your House. How much lighter, better, however, here comes the taste of each person, because some people like to create a contrast between various colors and even between the furniture and the colors of the walls and floors.

We know that it is difficult to operate changes such as painting a wall, a floor or a Cabinet, however there are always methods to minimize the lack of light. For example, “covering” a dark floor with a carpet of course or cover a dark sofa with a blanket in cream tones.

As a conclusion, we can say that the natural and artificial lighting are two key elements in the harmony and beauty of the interior spaces. Good decorations!