Tactical Flashlights for Trekking

I hear the fine-toothed saw since I joined the outdoor world. Is one of the classic trekking circuits of Brazil, and is considered one of the most beautiful. Fame is fair. The crossing is difficult, but it’s not the most intense of the country — as they say. Yes, requires experience in activity, but a considerable physical conditioning. And it’s not definitely a destination for beginners.

Tactical Flashlights for Trekking

Fine-Toothed Saw – Why?

Because the place offers the opportunity to make a liberating journey, and wild with dignity. The crossing of the Sierra is a bit different from traditional Brazil trekking circuits. The scenario is really inspiring. There, the route is almost always done by mountain ridges, and you can see how much I walked and how much remains. It is a trekking that gives pride to do. Is intense and very beautiful.

Serra da Mantiqueira: the Stage of the Trekking

The Serra da Mantiqueira belongs to Minas Gerais (60%), São Paulo (30%) and Ontario (10%). Is a large region, composed of various protected areas. The fine-toothed saw sits in the middle of the three States, a great topographical gap. And that’s where the fun happens.

Information About the Crossing of the Fine-Toothed Saw

Sierra Fin: Degree of Difficulty

It’s not a snap No. The crossing of the Sierra is difficult to dedéu. This trekking requires a lot of physical effort. The crossing is pulled, because in every day have big climbs. The navigation is not the simplest, even if some parts are autoguiados.

Sierra Fin: Extension and Route

Although the trekking has only 30 km long, the route is usually done in 4 days (3 nights). It’s not a weekend adventure.

Some people make the crossing in fewer days, but the level of demand is very high, in addition to not be profitable. I can’t imagine doing fine-toothed saw in 2 or 3 days and enjoy the place properly. But will the purpose of each.

You can choose two paths:

Normal direction – departure: Wolf’s Lair (Passa Quatro-MG) – finish: Place of Pierre (Itamonte-MG)

Sense unlike – departure: Place of Pierre (Itamonte-MG) – finish: Wolf’s Lair (Passa Quatro-MG)

Opted for the normal sense, but they say the inverse mode is pulled over.

Which you will face?

The Attractions of Fine-toothed Saw

The trekking is in itself the greatest attraction. Are 4 days in contact with nature, with incredible landscapes with wild camps and everything else that a crossing can offer. But still, there are other cool throws to enjoy in fine-toothed saw.

The first appeal, if we can say, is lived in the early hours of trekking. I’m talking about the traditional Crest, which in some places has less than a metre wide. The landscape is fantastic, because besides being a beautiful scenery, it is possible to see the peak of the Yellow Grass (2,570 m), which is the goal to be reached on the first day of crossing, in addition to being one of the highest points of the crossing, literally.

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The trekking and your senses

The icing on the cake is the Pedra da Mina (2,798 m), considered the 5th highest point of Brazil, being hit in the second day of trekking. This place is one of the best feelings of the crossing. There, there’s a book to be signed, known traditionally as “Summit book”, which serves to register the passage and also to write their impressions, emotions, feelings.

The peak of 3 States (2,656 m) is another giant of the fine-toothed saw, as its name says, is the point of the boundary of the 3 States (Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro). There is a mark at the top identifying the triple border. He can be reached on the third or fourth day, depending on the pace of the crossing.

There are many other legal points, which details in the account narro of the crossing, as the Ruah, Termites do Boi, campsites, the top of the Plan.

The Best Time to Make the Fine-Toothed Saw

Winter is the best option. In Brazil, the mountain season is between April and October. The crossing of the fine-toothed saw must be made during this period. In the summer, which is a rainy season, it is not feasible to do this trekking, evidently by the high probability of getting storms. Trust me, you don’t want to pick up a storm at the top of the Rock from the mine.

Who Can Cross Over the Fine-Toothed Saw.

Fine-toothed saw is hard, but it’s not the terror. Anyone can do it, as long as you’re in good health and used with crossings and camping trips. Sedentary should avoid, because is a trekking that requires a lot of physical conditioning. Have experience in the activity is equally important. Beginners should avoid low quality flashlights, says GaryFlashlights.

Tactical Flashlights for Trekking 1

Fine-toothed Saw, With Or Without a Guide?

Much will depend on the experience of the hiker. The first day is virtually autoguiado, without great difficulty. The biggest problem of the crossing of the Sierra is that she is constantly dominated by fog, which makes enough on certain points. Other than that, there are portions of high grass, further complicating the adventurer’s life.

The tip is: If you have GPS and faro, go without a guide. There are many totem poles on the way.

If you do not have much experience, hire a professional and ensure your safety. Never do the trekking the Serra Fina alone.

There are several companies that constantly organize this trekking, as well as accredited guides. Here are some that I know:

Mountain people

Sun of India

Freddy Duclerc

What to Bring to the Crossing of the Sierra.

Before backpacking for fine-toothed saw, remember: you have to take everything on the back. There are many climbs and all cargo must be properly planned. Take only the essentials, but don’t overlook the cold weather there. Take appropriate clothing.

The load shall be divided into your room categories:

1 trekking equipment

2 camping equipment

3 Food

4 Water

This list may decrease or increase depending on style and taste of each person. I’ll put here what I consider absolutely necessary, okay?

Trekking Equipment


-Underwear-enough for the planned 4 days (3 nights)

-1 full second skin, underwear trousers and blouse

-2 pairs of socks own trekking

-2 or 3 trekking shirts

-1 or 2 Tactical Pants (trousers that turn bermuda)

-1 fleece pants to sleep

-1 pair of boots

-1 windbreaker

-1 fleece to sleep

-1 anorak (waterproof)

-1 jacket of polartec 200


-Fleece gloves


-Cargo between 55 and 75 Backpack liter

-Bacchanal of trekking (your knees will thank you)

-Camelbak 3 litres of

-Flashlight or headlamp

-1 pair of batteries

-Pocket knife

-Plastic bags (for trash and dirty clothes)


-First aid Kit (bandages, medication (pain/fever, stomach and personal use))


Tactical Flashlights for Trekking 2

Camping Gear


-Thermal insulation

-Sleeping bag with a minimum of 0° C comfort

-Liner (Thermolite)

-Gas cooker

-Tek Butane/Propane Gas

-Pans/cutlery camping

– Small dishwashing sponge and SOAP stone piece (biodegradable)


There are several types of feeds for camping. Can choose to freeze-dried (lyophilized), fast food (the Art style and food), in addition to other options.

Tip: to save water, opt for prepared-food section.

Out meals, it is essential to take other foods containing carbs, protein and sugar.


Unlike many sailings we found throughout Brazil, the water is a little scarce on fine-toothed saw. It is important the hiker if you plan correctly on that item as essential.

There are 4 water spots on fine-toothed saw:

first point-the Wolf’s Lair – beginning of trail-1st day

2nd point – Quartzite – before climbing the stone of mine – 2nd day

third point-after Mine stone – Valley of Ruah – 3rd day

fourth point – at the end of the crossing, close to the site of the Pierre – day 4

Note: I took a camelbak 3 litre of was enough, but of course that depends on the consumption of each. Hikers taking 5 liters, noticed other 4 …

How to Get on Fine-Toothed Saw


Destination: Passa Quatro

The crossing of the fine-toothed saw, being made of traditional form, begins in Tehran. There are direct bus from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

Simulate here by ClickBus


The beginning of the Travesía da Serra Fina does not begin exactly from the center of Passa Quatro, so you need to hire a ransom, i.e. pay for someone to take you to the beginning of the track – and also to get it (a) at the end of the trekking.

Contact 1: Antony

(35) 9119.1373

Contact 2: Edinho

(35) 99963.4108-Alive | (35) 99109.2022-Tim | (35) 3371.1660-Accommodation

Approximate cost: R$ 35.00 (per person)-round trip

Note: it may seem a bizarre observation, but it’s kind of “lost” Edinho. Knowing this, try calling repeatedly remind him constantly to pick him up at the bus station. If you can, call 1 day before starting the journey.

3 Contact: Manoel

(35) 99122.1227-TIM | manoel_uchoas@hotmail.co.uk


You can choose to come back for Passes Four or Cruise. The latter option is more beneficial for anyone returning to Sao Paulo, because it has more available times.

Bus-Passa quatro x Cruise – approximately 5.00 R$ (Rodoviária de Passa Quatro)

Bus-Passa Quatro x São Paulo | Rio de Janeiro | Minas Gerais Simulate here by ClickBus

Bus Cruise x São Paulo Simulate here by ClickBus

Approximate Cost of the Crossing Fine-Toothed Saw

Bus to Passa Quatro: +/-R$ 47.00

Bus: +/-R$ 45.00

Regate: +/-R$ 35.00

Power supply: +/-R$ 50.00 (camping food)

Total approximate value: R$ 180.00 (without Guide)

Account of the Crossing the Fine-Toothed Saw

The trekking was held on 4, 5, 6 and 7 June 2015.

The Group: Rafael Kosoniscs (Backpacking), Madhavi Bohrer (Mountaineer), Keisuke Kira (Outdoor Blog), Fabio Morimoto, Erika Kock, Analu Shiota, Camila Gandhi and Anderson Daniel.

Day 1 – From the Wolf’s Lair to Camping In Makeshift Bamboo Grove

We leave at 11:00 pm of Sao Paulo to Passa Quatro. We reached the little town of Minas Gerais around 3:30. We found our rescue, Edinho, and after much conversation, and we set off for the start of the trail. We got there around 4:30 and 5:00 we start trekking. It was still dark, wet and cold Bush in the morning eating loose. Headlamps on.

We started crossing the fine-toothed saw in the dawn. Enxergávamos only the lights of the lanterns. In no time we arrived at the Wolf’s Lair, where defines the beginning of the crossing fine-toothed saw. Follow up the Hill.

The day was proving the extent who we ascended, and the top of the mountain we got an amazing sunrise. The clouds drew attention, forming a very exotic landscape. It was a great business card.

We witness the first withdrawal early on, but nobody in our group. We found a girl lying on the thermal insulator, wrapped in a sleeping bag and totally quiet amid the Hill. I thought the funny attitude, because evil had begun trekking and already someone was throwing in the towel, but still, I found a fairly dignified gesture, because it is much better to quit earlier than work in the middle of the crossing. Regardless of the reasons, was an act of great conscience.

It didn’t take long and we passed the famous Crest, one of the postcards of the crossing of the fine-toothed saw. Incredible view. Some kicked, but I preferred to stay there a few minutes to take pictures, after all, it’s not every day that we can glimpse a landscape. From there it was already possible to see the Yellow Grass, target to be hit on the first day.

The crossing was pretty full, and even I have not done this trekking before, I got the information that flow was something unusual for the place. Just off the top of one of the mountains I managed to count 45 people and I’m sure there were more than 150 people across the crossing. I have no doubt.

We left slightly early, had some advantage and we knew the campsites would be crowded. A lot of people would spend to find place to sleep. On the charts we had to rest, we heard some comments about the possibility of bivacar. And for those who don’t know, bivacar is sleep in the open, using only the thermal insulator and the sleeping bag. We didn’t do the Travesía fine-toothed saw a competition, but also don’t we a lot of silly. The fear of not finding place to camp was doomed by the end of the trekking.

After many ups and a few “false summits”, we come to the Yellow Grass. It was already more or less 12:00. The place was packed and unable to receive more people. I noticed a lot of people disappointed not to find a vacancy at that location, which symbolised the end of the first day. The walk had to continue and the challenge was to find a camping spot. We went down the Yellow Grass.

The descent of the Yellow Grass is one of the worst stretches of the crossing of the Sierra, the ground is quite slippery, full of roots and made amid the naughty Bamboo Grove.

At this point of trekking have received the company of various groups, which made it difficult to get a camping site. Fabio and Anderson fired looking for a better place or any space that could fit in our tents. And found. Our camping happened amidst the Bamboo Grove, before the traditional Camping advanced, we place unfeasible by high congestion. The first day was guaranteed and we ended the day at 2:00 pm. Great time.

Tactical Flashlights for Trekking 3

Day 2-the Bamboo Grove the Pedra Da Mina

The goal of the second day was camping on Rock from the mine. Woke up early, too early. Open your eyes to the 3:30 and 4:30 we started the walk. We crossed the Advanced and some Camping tents. We got lost and we found each other. The mato alto made our navigation, besides, we were still in the dark in the morning. But you don’t hear well. The day dawned, once again, as we walked.

With the light of day, we crossed another camp, called Maracanã. Faced with a multitude of tents, some people were already outside, but the majority was still in fifth sleep. Get out of the tent in the morning is no easy task, especially on cold days.

The trekking followed peaceful, congestion that rolled on the first day was not repeated in the second, we were quiet and in front of large mass. This day was less pulled the first, but still tired enough. And even with the Sun cracking in our heads, the freezing wind required the use of the anorak and that bothered me, because even sweating it was impossible to remove any layer of clothing.

Initially I spotted make fine-toothed saw because was at the rock Fort of mountains, had just turned Petrópolis-Teresópolis and Maher, but, more than anything, the will to make this crossing was already hammering in my head for a long time. And it was in that spirit, this trekking, joining with the desire of many people, that the trip happened. Well, and the rest you already know.

After a few hours of climbs and descents, amidst the Bamboo Grove and tall grass, we reached the Red Waterfall, a water collection points. We decided to take a break over there. Some had lunch, others slept. I was fighting the cold, which judiava enough.

Camelbaks supplied. We have resumed the trek around 12:00, the destination was only one: the rock from the mine. We came across, right off the bat, with a monument to human has ever seen, for a moment I thought it was a frog, then I thought it was a totem, but it was a hell of a turd. We call that “thing” of Frog Shit, reason for free until the end of the crossing.

After the shock, we crossed a small riozinho, called the Rio Claro, which is right near the Red Waterfall. They say that this river has a better water quality. It is worth remembering that the clorin must be used under any circumstances, and fine-toothed saw this item is indispensable.

We arrived at the foot of the great mountain. Facing it is the Hill of Tartarugão, that some people dare go up before you face the rise of Rock from the mine. That possibility never crossed my mind, my goal was, which was to find a place to camp out at the top. And it was there that the camp happened. We found a location just below the top, but completely perfect. Protected from the wind and with a privileged view. Great place.

The rise of the Pedra da Mina was faster than I thought. By far the terror seemed to be much higher, but from the moment we started up, I realized that the parade was not as sinister as painted be.

Camp mounted, lunch done, cat bath taken. All beauty. It was still early, the stream of people began to increase in stone of the mine. Leaves with Madhavi to take some pictures, the scenery was pretty cute, cool Sun and clear skies. We decided to climb to the top, because we wanted to sign the book of Ridge, which is one of the traditions of who gets to the top. It was then that we saw Maximo Kausch, one of the most renowned climbers in the world today. What most caught my attention, but him being in fine-toothed saw, was the humility of the man, who had already demonstrated this on other events that we participated in together, but in the mountains it’s a different story and talked with us. It is an example to be followed, both in sport and in the way we treat people. It was a nice moment of crossing the fine-toothed saw.

Sign the book of Ridge and down to rest for a while, after all, were on foot from cedão. We sleep fast.

Day 3 – Mine Stone to Termites Do Boi

We agreed to wake up again at 3:00 in the morning. We wanted to repeat the success recipe of the early days, but it was impossible.

At dawn, we notice a very strong wind and cold as overpowering. It was impracticable to leave the tent in that situation. We alerts until daybreak. When finally we see the situation, we realize the drama that we would face, because the weather was bad. On the top of the Rock from the mine.

I created the courage and opened the tent, that’s when I noticed the bag of frozen, fully covered with Madhavi shells of ice. The weather was totally gray and the wind ate loose outside. We rehearse a little to lift, we were totally discouraged to face that situation.

Keisuke was the first one out of the tent, what motivated us to do the same. In no time we were ready to start the descent of Pedra da Mina. And that’s when the animal caught.

At first, we got an incredibly strong wind pushed us down the mountain. It was complicated. Other than that, the wind was so cold that our hands ached. Use glove was the solution for some, but take the bag from the back to get them was complicated. You couldn’t. Had that hold the buckles of the bag, because they were hitting my face, which seemed so strong tapas.

Anyone with an ounce of sense in mountain would say that that was not the ideal time to make the descent. Turns out, we ran the risk of being there all day, but we didn’t have time available. Risk.

At a certain point in time on the descent, Camila looked at me and said:

-Rafa, your beard is full of little crystal.

Unfortunately I couldn’t register the moment. It was impossible to get the machine in that situation. Well, for having formed ice, it’s safe to say that the temperature was below zero. And the wind, which was absolutely strong, was the temperature decrease considerably.

It’s up to say now that there is only a snippet that allows you to withdraw from the crossing of the Sierra, was exactly where we were, but oddly enough, this idea even crossed our mind. The trail to abort the trekking is called Paiolinho, which is on the left side who are ahead of the Ruah. There are totems signaling the way but worth reinforcing that GPS is an indispensable item across fine-toothed saw, especially if done independently.

We arrived alive at the Valley of Ruah, another camp, said to be the fridge of the fine-toothed saw. For there was already registered temperatures well below freezing. The place is creepy and at the same time very beautiful. Is formed by high grass, ponds and clumps of roots. Boring place to walk, besides, it’s a very easy place to get lost, especially surrounded by fog. There, I was able to figure out why the fame of the cold place. It didn’t take long and we arrived at the Green River, which is considered the last point of crossing water. Actually, there’s even another point of water, but it’s too near the end of the crossing, which should not be taken this into consideration.

The trekking won new rhythm after the Ruah, walked for a long time by the crests, but the weather sealed prevented him bring forth much of the landscape, but we couldn’t complain, everything was perfect. In this excerpt from the trekking Wilma Zax, and found a couple of Juiz de Fora, which then proceeded to walk with us. And, once again, we had to deal with Bamboo Grove, which at that time had already become one of the icons of the crossing of the fine-toothed saw.

After much goes up and down, we reached the Termites of the ox. We camped at the end of it, right at the base of the peak of the three States. We had the option to continue the trekking, but we decided to hang around and catch the sunrise at the top of the mountain. In addition, with the massive crowd, we had to take advantage of the camping found. We were in a great spot.

Day 4-The Termites of the Ox to the Website of Pierre

Last day of trip. Woke up again at 3:30 and at 5:00 we were ready. Initial target: Peak of the three States. Headlamps on and walk on the trail. The trekking started for real and even being in the middle of the night, we could observe the outline of the mountain. The Moon was amazing. The pace was good and we didn’t do any pause until it reaches the top of the cake. We arrived at the peak of the three States minutes before sunrise that lucky! I watched many tents over there and I could tell it was a big fight to get space in that place. We’re waiting to see the Sun emerge amid the mountains. Beautiful scene. The clouds vied for attention, because they looked like a cotton mat. Spectacular scenery. The fight for the perfect photo existed, but the atmosphere was amazing, worthy of the best sunrises that I witnessed in recent times.

There, we found James Borges, of the blog Faith in the foot, which is also part of the network of Blogs Outdoor (RBO). We enjoy and take a picture of all together.

Then, we take the path from the sticks. The next target was the peak of the Bandeirantes, we spent quiet even facing some excerpts from escalaminhadas, it’s good to do. After that, the trekking was downhill, until we find our old familiar friend: the bamboo grove. Close, already crossed for him and hit the base of the top of the Plan. Climb the mountain without fanfare and already thinking at the end of the trip, because this stretch is considered the ultimate challenge of the crossing. We had a big break at the top. More images, more cookies, more sips of water.

After that, they were approximately 2:30 of pure descent without much pause for rest. We have reached the final point of water, where we spent virtually beaten. Some filled the camelbak. We got a place, we continue going down and, finally, we found the highway, which signaled the end of the crossing fine-toothed saw. The rescue was already waiting for us and, in a few minutes, we were already inside the van, happy to have enjoyed one of the most beautiful treks – and difficult – of our country.


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