Tablets “Xing Lings”: Is It Worth Spending Money on Them?

With a reduced price, the quality drops a bit. But see what they offer, between qualities and defects

Just a quick stroll through Internet sites to realize: they are among us. The Xing Ling tablets are here. And they have some characteristics in common. For starters, all are controlled by Android, the Google operating system. Generally, the version is 2.2.

Another common point is that these tablets typically do not offer cellular connection, only via Wi-Fi. There are even models that navigate the 3g, but are minority. The other characteristic in common is the price. Forget about the $1.5, 000, $2,000 of the IPad, the Galaxy or the Xoom. Here in photionary, the porches are other.

Jordan Santos, China’s product dealer, says, “We have about 6 models, ranging from R $380 to R $750. They’re very attractive prices. ”

As you’ve given to notice, the main attraction of these tablets is the price. And here’s an observation. We are using the label of Xing Ling, not to identify products that have come to the country illegally, but only to designate the numerous models that are manufactured in China–which incidentally, is where the IPad is also coming from and its competitors. The difference is, these appliances don’t have big marks on the back.

Jordan still explains that “the most interesting is that they seek more bold design, a tablet with some differential. The mark is less important because it’s all too young. So they’re looking for something to upload, to present to their friends, take them to a beach house or use in the car. The public seeks more price than quality. ”

Now, what everyone wants to know is, is it worth spending around $250, $400 on a tablet like that?

Answering that question is not an easy task. To begin with: do not imagine that in such a device you will find the same level of finishing as an iPad. Not the same screen quality. The response speed is also not the same–but, it’s pretty close when you compare with the Samsung tablet, for example. The abstract is: Don’t expect magic. Evidently, these appliances have performance and pampering unless those of the major brands. But the good news is, they don’t stay that far behind.

From the point of view of usage, we are talking about Android, in one of its newer versions. That is, it’s the same version you find, for example, in the Galaxy, Samsung. So, the operating system resources are all there. The battery has a good autonomy. In our rapid examination, it lasted about 6 hours with a mixed use–i.e. we don’t watch videos all the time, but we navigated through the Web and did common things, like sending emails, for example.

Some of these models come with two cameras. What we tested had only one frontal. The quality was not the worst: it was more than enough for a Skype call. You can’t use it to take pictures, but a camera like that wasn’t even thought to. The touch screen sensitivity was at the level of reasonable–up to above what we expected.

In the Xing Ling world, it has formats for all tastes. It has a 10-inch device with 7 inches and up to other sizes out of the standard. Now, one of the problems in this world is always the guarantee…

“We have a warranty of approximately 3 months, which is the manufacturer’s warranty. But we extend a little to six months, which is the market average. But no one stays in hand, we have service and quality products “, complete Jordan.

There are some pros and cons when the subject is the Xing Ling tablets. And a lot of people have been betting on these more economical appliances–even to put in the hands of the children. After all, if it breaks, the damage is smaller…

Jordan still explains that many seek the appliances to give to children: “We are looking for those who have the possibility for games. There are touchscreen tablets, and children like to squeeze with their fingers, play, and that are rotational. We have even the ones being manufactured in Brazil. ”

To summarize: The Xing Ling tablets may not offer everything that the famous brands present, but they are also not so much worse… Of course you always have the warranty problem. It’s a matter of cost/benefit. If you want to know more about the world of tablets, check out several reports we’ve already published on the subject.