Swiss Watch Enters Over 35,000 Metres of Altitude

It is certainly one of the most unusual and most beautiful projects I have professionally implemented. For a Swiss watch brand I sent dual time GMT in the stratosphere the Argonautic dive watch with a fellow engineer (big thanks at this point). We recorded the whole thing with a commercially available GoPro.

Who long do not want to read-here the video:

As the press release is already by me, I may quote me at this point itself:

The Argonautic is a robust frequent flyer and diver’s watch dual time. Demonstrated the mechanical watch has this with Swiss quality

work at an extraordinary mission: using a helium balloon, 5,400 litres of noble gas and a specially designed Cable construction became dual time with the serial number 33 on the way into the stratosphere – the Argonautic and came fully functional back.

Argonautic dual time-no. 33: The choice of the serial number was not a coincidence. The aim of the mission was not only to penetrate the stratosphere starting at 15,000 meters, but to also have a height of at least 33,000 metres-or even to exceed. After a flight time of around 100 minutes, the clock had reached the highest point of their flight – the helium balloon burst, due to the extremely low air pressure over 35.400 meters height *. 2,400 meters above the mission target. The return to Earth was carried out in the wake of a parachute which opened by the free fall of the construction.
It came during the entire flight to impressive images, recorded by a video camera which was placed inside the insulated bullet construction. You can see both the Earth and outer space at 100 kilometres starting height due to the exceptional height. The clock ended up after over two and a half hours intact and fully functional on Earth. Two GPS transmitter installed in the construction of the ball allowed recovery of the watch. Approximately 100 kilometres as the crow flies were between start and landing site.

Hardness test-three times higher than an airliner and up to – 60 ° c
Crisscross is moving generally at a height to the 10,000 metres – the clock reached more than three times of that level at its highest point. This allows has a weather balloon filled with 5,400 litres of helium, which diameter at the start was about two meters, with decreasing air pressure but during the ascent and bursting the balloon grew to over 11 metres.
On their way to over 35 kilometers height was the Swiss made watch with GMT function and helium valve temperatures of up to-60 c. Although the mechanical watch with the ETA movement is 2893 not specifically designed for such extreme stress, she ran through and survived the entire flight without prejudice to. More

And here are some pictures. Of the used equipment, construction, startup and from the stratosphere: