Surprising Futurism of Pierre Cardin in the 080 Barcelona Fashion

What is fashion but life? So as Pierre Cardin defines the importance of fashion to a society, economic progress and the identity of a country … the French creator was in charge of putting the point end to the ninth edition 080 Barcelona Fashion and there we saw a parade that could be defined as a mixture of styles several Spanish designers. Would you like to see it?

The intense morning of parades began very early in a rainy Barcelona but not cold, so the press not leave the beautiful gothic campus of the Plaça del Rei. There we enjoyed the presence of the French designer Pierre Cardin, who previously offered to the parade, a very funny press conference, since its translator left a lot to be desired. But this is just a curiosity. Incidentally, gave us a spectacular book of entitled Designer: 60 years of innovation.

Visionary Designer, exemplary entrepreneur and cultural producer, Pierre Cardin begins as an apprentice tailor in Saint-Étienne. In 1945, already in Paris, working with Paquin, Schiaparelli and Christian Dior. From 1953, he already presents collections perfectly cut, associating creativity, boldness and sense of detail.

Entering the parade, this was very surprising by its Futurism, far from the classicism typical of the master. I think even he was surprised of what you were seeing … is that I remember that the creator has 89 years and therefore a team in charge of your samples.



Under the name of l’imprevu we saw the most futuristic vision of the firm. On the one hand with dresses cut sixties that reminded me of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada proposals. original, eye-catching and difficult look, with details of gums and huge buttons. All in bright and cheerful colours such as red and Fuchsia.

My favorite and at least wearable, these summer dresses with stiff skirt,

French classicism


More classic line consists of clothing too serious, typical of French classicism. Tailored jackets and skirt suits pencil or pants.

And in this section is given especially to the hats. The dominant tones are Brown, green and black.

Black and white, one of the combinations that never fails and one of the more classics of history, did not miss in the most feminine proposals.

Prom dresses


The best of the sample were the party mini-vestidos with a unique protagonist: the loop. Sophisticated, feminine and carved designs in satin. Miguel Palacio remind me right? For this reason, I said at the beginning of this post that saw something different Spanish designers in each line.

What matters is talent. The gateway is that sets the trend, not Zara.



Surprise was the face of all those who were in the parade with the proposals more striking, futuristic, little wearable and so original… that we could never imagine that we would be able to see a sample of this man. But fashion is art and these creations are.

Proposals that want to transmit values like the enthusiasm and hope, and above all the courage to face all that unpredictable.

At the end of the parade, Cardin offered a masterclass in the Capella de Santa Agata to a dozen of students selected by the schools of fashion design in Catalonia, where the designer shared their ideas and proposals to the young talents of the fashion.