Stephen Elop Has Infiltrated Nokia?

Rumors and conspiracies about Stephen Elop and Nokia sales are in full swing.

The past few years there have been many rumours and speculations about an imminent sale of Nokia. These were given new nourishment of Stephen Elop in 2010 set out in the Executive Chair in Nokia, and stated that the primary future smartphone platform should be Windows Phone.

Elop came from a top command in Microsoft.

After accession in Nokia continued Its market share rapidly downward, which sparked speculation that Stephen Elop had infiltrated Nokia, in order to get the company’s market value down at such a low level that the Finnish company was interesting for Microsoft, write our site.

The explanation was that Microsoft has many billions of dollars lying in the EUROPEAN UNION, which cannot be sent to the United States without triggering a huge tax smack. Microsoft should avoid this by spending the money on acquisitions of European companies – Skype is an example of this.

Conspiracy theories on the Web

When Microsoft announced that they were ready to take over Nokia, called the man of confidence of Nokia price of 40.5 billion. Danish krone, for rude cheap.

Alexander Oswald, a former Marketing Manager wrote on Twitter to express that “Elop’e a company” now comes to mean “infiltration on directorship to later be able to sell at the spot price”.

Another former Nokia Chief calls on investors to browse all Elops mails over the past several years.

The situation is now that Stephen Elop may is on track to replace Steve Ballmer as Chief Executive of Microsoft, which has also enabled many speculations in time.