Spring On The Balcony – That’s It! With Profit Play

The spring sound tickles us slowly from the winter starter and the chirping birds announce the spring. Now it is time to bring the balcony out of the winter sleep and bring for the coming season on Vordermann.

Finally, on the warm days on the balcony, we want to enjoy the sun again. But this first requires a bit of work. Fortunately, we have only a small balcony and therefore the little feel-good island is already ready for use. I briefly summarized you a few steps on what you should pay attention:

Step 1: During the winter months probably a lot of dirt accumulated on the balcony. That is why the first action is to bombard with brooms, scrubbers and a plaster bucket and to scrub away the winter’s mief. Clean the tiles and joints thoroughly and free the balcony furniture from the dirt residues. Cover the pillow covers before first use and allow them to dry thoroughly.

Step 2: Get to the DIY store! What would you like to plant on your balcony? Flowers, herbs and possibly also room for vegetables. Here you have to make sure that the balcony plants are also suitable for the conditions on the balcony. Is the balcony in the shade or in the sun? The plants must be selected accordingly. It is also time to bring the balcony plants out of the winter quarter and possibly supply with new pots, buckets and underpins.

At this time of the year the balcony is used for spring, such as tulips, bellis, daffodils, hyacinths and forget-me-nots. Here is a south balcony optimal. Nevertheless, attention should be paid to night frost. Also tomatoes like the sun and can go out at the end of April / beginning of May out on the balcony. On the southern balcony with a lot of sun are suitable for later oleanders, geraniums, sunflowers, lemon, orange and olive trees. On the half-shaded northern balcony, among other things, hydrangeas, begonias, gerberas, primroses and beech trees feel well.

Step 3: My favorite point! Choose the accessories. Windmills, torches, lanterns, tablecloths, pretty cushions and a colorful plant provide for the right mood at beautiful summer summers.

To the first sunrays on the balcony there is a homemade iced tea. Simply fry 1 liter of black tea and allow to cool. Press the juice of half a lemon and add to the tea. Cut the other half into slices and add. Cold and enjoy.

Win now a great surprise package for your balcony. Please tell us by the 14th of April below, in which you prefer to decorate your balcony. The lot will decide among all submissions. The winner will be notified by e-mail. The legal process is excluded. You can read the exact terms and conditions here.

You can purchase all the illustrated decorative items online and in our stores from April 10th.