Sony Xperia Z Ultra-a Quick Look

Web TV: how big is the Xperia Z Ultra compared to other phones? Here a quick preview at 6.4 inch raw power.

The surroundings are stunned when they first see Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Personal I exclaimed “it is, of course, ridiculously large”, since I for a week or so ago, had taken the lid of the box.

The reason is of course the screen of 6.3 inch which is equal to 16.3 centimeters diagonally.

Objectives is 179.4 x 92.2 x 6.5 mm while the emphasis is on 212 grams.

Although the size is huge, Xperia Z Ultra a good experience. Particularly when surfing on the Internet or to open Netflix, gives Z Ultra pretty good sense.

Size is relative. That is why I have created the above quick video showing Sony’s giant mobile next to a number of other current smartphones in the market.

Before long I bring a review of this phablet that you either love or hate.