Smartband Razer Nabu Arrives In Brazil In December For R $ 349

Razer brought to BGS Nabu, its smartband announced at CES this year . For the first time in national territory , the smartband is on display in the booth of the company and we were able to see it in person.

Nabu basically performs three functions according to SPORTSQNA.COM: it displays notifications, has fitness appeal and is a social tool. When approaching another Nabu in a handshake, for example, she, being connected to Facebook and with this function enabled, can automatically send a friend request to the other person.

Nabu’s design is very simple and discreet. It is a fine bracelet, but with a considerable thickness, and rubberized finish inside and out, and on the outside there is a texture. It is also quite light and comfortable to use. There will be two sizes, one for women and one for men.

According to the manager of the brand in Brazil, João Martins, we will have two color options: the more traditional one has the black interior and the other, which has a more fitness face, has green interior. On the smartband site , there are two more: one with orange interior and one with white interior.

The larger Nabu was a little broad on my wrist.
The part with the screen is on the inside of the wrist to give the user privacy. Contrary to what we saw in CES, the model shown in BGS, which is the final, does not have the smaller screen, only the rectangular 128 x 32 pixels. It is activated by movement: by turning the wrist out, it lights up and you can see the times or notifications you have. In the case of text messages (or WhatsApp, WeChat …), the bracelet also shows a preview of up to four lines of the message, so that you can discreetly know what you received before picking up the phone . Martins emphasizes that the intention of the smartband is not to replace the cell phone, but to complement it.

All customizations are made by the smartband app, which is available for iOS and Android. Here, you can monitor exercise and wellness information such as how many steps, kilometers and quality of sleep, set goals to achieve, and choose which cell notifications you want sent to the wristband.

In addition to the default setup application, there are a number of third-party apps that will be released with Nabu compatibility. The developer version has been in the hands of these professionals since March. The SDK is free and can be downloaded from the smartband website.

According to Martins, Nabu will be launched for the final consumer within 25 days and will arrive in Brazil in early December. The price abroad is $ 99; For here, it arrives for R $ 349.