Short Cardigan From Kashmir-Also Perfect For A Party Look

That was a Sunday exactly to my taste… and although the sun was shining from the sky outside, I did not let myself be beaten by the fair weather and am fused with my couch.

So at least temporarily… In between I washed the laundry and hung up, the dryer emptied and you can hardly believe it, but I have also conjured a mediterranean remnants. Fluffy, but the kids are still too small to have lunch all day and then I just can not help myself. But I have had the experience when I drop out a meal-I start to destroy everything that flies around at home… So, at the same time. O:-)

Feast Day Nutrition Skin Care

Actually, I wanted to make Nautical Beautypost today, because I had written the last Tuesdays about my favorite beautyproducts, but that has thwarted the feasting… The skin, the mirror of the soul, just mirrors me, less fat and less sharp and a bit more vegetables… And probably I should be just now cosmetically active and I also do with the Christmas gift from the best beautician in the world ♥. The Daily Microfoliant from Dermalogica-a really great peeling, but I write about it another time… I did not manage to make a product picture. “The man in the high castle” ♥ , “Leo’s Fortune” ♥ and the elk on the couch kept me from it… hehe… 😉

Short Cardigan In Cashmere

For this I show you my new short cardigan, which I bought during the 30% action at Boden. A pretty noble cashmere piece, which is perfect because of its small silver threads for a party outfit. But since there is less party and more Everyday-Life in my life, my first combination is rather everyday… and with rock, because of the recent time is really too short. So here on the blog with outfits and so… not the length of the skirt itself ;-). But in the heart I am just a pants’ s trousers And I’ve said before: I love gray… This is such a great combipartner and with white and black also always chic… So, but now off to the last week of 2015-me Write still my shopping list ready and then ride to the supermarket… You know already, New Year’s Eve and so… Have nen magic Tuesday… my New Year’s wish comes on Thursday, have still two days…

Rock+Top: Dorothee Schumacher-this t-shirt from Dorothee Schumacher also has beautiful jewelery stones at the neck*and the pattern is now available on Ethnicityology(I am quite fond of this test picture ;-)), okay the leather skirt of SET Cognacfarben*, but he just looks great and Oakwood has a black leather skirt*, which I like very much. 
Cardigan : Soil-the cashmere cardigan*yet and he is now really in the Super Sale there, but unfortunately never there any size and so a similar Kurzcardigan I Hemisphere*found 
Tights: ITEM m6 * 
Boots : Dune-this casual parts of Buffalo* like Me really good-and quite actually this season are yes block heels trend and these boots*look just great. 
Jacket : Only-very cool Egg shape fake fur by Tagliatore*(no, this is not a noodle shape) and the Witty Knitters also have so NEN cool Fake fur jacket*tinkered er knitted. 
* Affiliate links: various online shops+♥ no affiliatelink