Shiseido Lipstick Shimmering Rouge RS 312 “Iced Rose” – My New Lipstick Love

Today I want to tell you about my new lipstick love! Okay, I admit, for lipsticks, I’m a little jumpy and have the one or the other affair by the way. But there are simply copies, which one immediately closes into his heart and would prefer always hand-held in the handbag.

Such a candidate is the beautiful Shimmering Rouge Lipstick RS 312″Iced Rose” by Shiseido. There is a total of 20 Shimmering Rouge lipsticks in the Shiseido assortment and there should be something for every taste.”Iced Rose” is a cool, powerful pink with fine shimmer particles that are visible but not noticeable on the lips. This intense glimmer is surely a matter of taste, but personally I like the color very well and therefore always like to go to “Iced Rose”. In addition, I appreciate its caring properties and the comfortable wearing feel.

The Shimmering Rouge Lipsticks are characterized by their shimmer and the intense color brilliance and are meant to make lip care virtually
invisible. The lips should become softer and fuller. With such a product promise, I was naturally curious! My lips are
still visible, but my lips seem to be a
bit fuller by the intense glow. I hope you can recognize the shimmer particles in the photos. Theopacity is, by the way, very good and the lipstick slides pleasantly over the lips because of its creamy consistency. Due to the nourishing and moisturizing properties the lips are optimally maintained. Positive, I find that the lipstick is absolutely odorless and tasteless neutral and despite its creamy consistency has a good durability. A small meal he is quite good and also fades very evenly without unsuccessful. If you want more durability, I can recommend the Lacquer Rouge from Shiseido. By the natural color and the good care effect a really great lipstick for the everyday life, if one likes shimmering lip sticks.