Secret Revealed: Google+ Has 90 Million Users

For the first time Google speaks openly of Google+ numbers. The social network that does everything to overcome the Facebook has 90 million users worldwide. “Much more than double what I announced just three months ago,” said Larry Page in the press release on the financial results of Google for the fiscal quarter ended in December last year.

According to the site Read Write Web found, 80% of users use the social network actively. And 60% go on Google+ daily, which gives 54 million people.

“By building a meaningful relationship with our users through Google+ we will create amazing experiences across our services,” added Page, clearly talking about Gmail, Calendar and other sites quite accessed by Google users.

The record revenues News – exceeded $ 10 billion for the full year, an increase of 29% – comes at a time when Google is accused of heavy anticompetitive practices. The company was charged in Kenya to use the database of a local competitor to bring new customers to their own services.

Here in Brazil BuscaPé group, one of the leaders in e-commerce in Brazil with its price comparison service, accuses Google formally the Ministry of Justice to favor own tools against competitors with service “better” (in their opinion) .

Financially it was a good year for Google. 2012 promises to be even better.

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