Samsung Launches Galaxy Note-Mixing Tablet and Smartphone

In the last month of September, when we were at IFA (one of Europe’s largest consumer electronics fairs), we made our first direct contact with the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Korean manufacturer’s product that is a mixture of smartphone with tablet-to get an idea, the “giant” screen measures 5.3 inches, counts the already-breasted barista 4.3 inch screen from Samsung Galaxy II. A lot of people can ask themselves, “but why would I have a smartphone with such a big screen?” or “Why would I have a tablet with such a small screen?”. But the answer is simple, and the intention of Samsung is bold: In fact, what the company wants, by launching a product of these, it is inventing and popularizing a new category of gadgets-or making the population have more of a dream of consumption, besides the already desired smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, home theaters and so many other electronics… The bet is that, now, everyone will also feel the need to have a “Note” and if they ask: “How did I have lived today without such a device?” Hwan Kim, Vice president of the mobility area of Samsung for Latin America, explained, in exclusive interview for the Digital look: “We did a survey with 12000 smartphone users in 9 different countries. We ask what kind of functions they would like to have in their hands. Hence, we find that people do not want to load many different appliances in their pockets, they want a larger screen for smartphones and want the functionalities of the tablet embedded in their mobile devices. To resolve these problems, we develop Galaxy Note. ”

Last week, during a visit to Samsung’s factory in South Korea, we had the opportunity to “play” again with the appliance. And, observing the excitement of the other colleagues who were there, it was easy to say that the new handset will certainly have a guaranteed market slice. The girls have already found in the Note (which comes with those typical crayons of the older smartphones) the digital substitute for their moleskines, while the executives have seen, in the agenda full of resources, a great way to organize their obligations. It was also possible to see amazing digital drawings made with the pen (we’ll detail below)-which will draw the attention of designers too. “The idea is to allow people to do everything, even in motion,” explains Mr. Lee.

But we go to the specifications of the appliance: As already said, the 5.3 inch screen is the largest between smartphones, and the smallest among the tablets. The resolution is also very good: 1280 x 800 pixels (something that only existed until now on tablets or on laptops-it is impossible to see each pixel on the screen to the naked eye) with Super AMOLED technology. In practice, the Note behaves like a “Itu phone” and it’s even funny to take you to the ear to talk to. On the other hand, the super smartphone did not bother to be placed in the pocket-of course, the trousers are marked (are 146.8 x 51.5 x 9.6 mm), but it is not heavy (178 grams) and neither hinders movements. The S pen (stylus pen, which allows you to write on the screen), which already appeared to be declared dead by other manufacturers, resurfaces in Samsung’s handset and you should use it for almost everything: navigate through the menus, draw, write notes (there is a recognition of your writing, which transforms everything you annotated in text “typed”) and even editing videos or PowerPoint presentations. Another legal detail of the pen is the possibility to draw with it. The force with which you squeeze it against the screen dictates the intensity of the stroke (as in a common pencil), and you can choose colors and thickness of the tip as well. With a simple touch, it is possible to “take a photo” from your screen, make notes on the image and send, via email, to anyone. Samsung also promises to make an SDK package available for the stylus, allowing developers to create new features for it.

Technically speaking, the appliance runs the Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread-but has already been announced the upgrade to the Ice Cream Sandwich), it is equipped with a 1.4 GHz processor (very smart, by the way), offers 16 GB of internal memory (expandable to 32 GB with SD Card), 8 MP camera with LED Flash that manages to record videos at 1080p/30 fps and is already prepared for LTE. The appliance will be on sale in some markets from 2 November. There is still no forecast for sale in Brazil, but by analyzing the latest products from the company, we can say that Note should not take long to get here. Almost all of Samsung’s recent releases have privileged the Brazilian market, placing it among the first on the list. In England, the gadget is being sold at 600 lbs (about R $1600.00) but there is still no price defined in Brazil. What we have left is to wait for a little bit and await the sales of Note!