Samsung Invests 400 Million Dollars in Corning, The Manufacturer of Crystals Gorilla Glass

Macroeconomic movements that made the companies are not usually part of our reference lists, although in this case we are forced to review the operation carried out between Samsung and Corning, not in vain one is the largest manufacturer of the Android platform as another sign the vast majority of resistant crystals mounted at the current terminals.

Gorilla Glass crystals are not indestructible, but its proven resistance to scratches and bumps is beyond doubt, and also Corning already has in the oven a new generation antibacterial and non-reflecting. Perhaps that is the reason why is that Samsung has decided to invest in the company, with the firm belief that both companies can learn and evolve much better if they go hand in hand.

Operation It is set at 400 million dollars, implying that Samsung has invested in Corning a 7.4% of the total value of U.S..

The agreement does not imply exclusivity, but innovation

It is not a protectionist operation of Samsung, as investment does not entail an exclusivity of the Gorilla Glass crystals for the Korean giant.

Rather, it seems that Samsung has sought to strengthen ties with Corning in order to innovate and work from the hand of a manufacturer with ample experience in resistant materials, ensuring also the supply of Gorilla Glass until 2023, for the own Samsung and other manufacturers who opt for this type of materials.

We do not know what kind of innovations think about Samsung, but our thinking has gone directly to flexible or molded glass and with high resistance to devices such as watches. We will see what will bring us an operation that will be closed completely at the beginning of 2014.