Samsung Galaxy Nexus Puts to Test Its Glass Front [In Video]

Today is the day, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus makes his coming-out and begins to be sold in the United Kingdom, It is the first market to host it. We had weeks talking about it, knowing all their details, and biting us nails waiting for your arrival.

Some time ago I confirm through a statement on twitter from Corning, the screen of the Galaxy Nexus wouldn’t be Gorilla Glass, but Samsung was quick to confirm that the terminal He had a glass of very good quality, something that we can today assure through a unfit for sensitive video.

The glass that covers practically all the front of the new terminal of Google If it is resistant to bumps and scratches, and we can confirm it because one of the lucky owners of the terminal has fattened on your glass with some keys, in a resistance test We few dare to perform.

We look forward to not having to much awaiting your arrival our country, although we do not recommend that you try at home once you manage to get to the terminal. What if it is clear to us, it is that Samsung did not lie when he said that the terminal had a very resistant glass, Despite not using the technology of Corning.

We leave you with the video, because a picture is worth a thousand words:

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