Samsung Galaxy Nexus Appears on Vodafone UK and Comparing Their Interface with The Galaxy SII [In Video]

Practically we already know everything about which will be the terminal championed Android the next months, and it is that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus we have spoken long and hard before and after his presentation. November 17 is coming, and that will be the day that will begin its journey the new Google terminal, and the second born of the collaboration between the Mountain View giant Samsung.

For the time being There is no official confirmations actual availability, so you are still awaiting news about which countries they will be on sale that day, and which will be delayed. What we do know is that Vodafone will have it in their catalog, and that the British operator already prepares the way for his arrival, and is in the web of Vodafone UK the terminal has already been added to the upcoming releases.

Now just need finally to confirm availability and rates for Spain, thing that probably we will see in the next few days, and if the terminal will be available in addition to Vodafone free or with other operators.

Meanwhile, we leave you with a good quality video that Alex Dmi Shay has on Vimeo, and in which compares the interface Samsung Galaxy SII with the of the new Galaxy Nexus. Therefore in the comparison we can discover what is the difference between Gingerbread (with TouchWiz) of Ice Cream Sandwich.

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