Samsung Already Has Ready The Hearts of Their Future Galaxy, an Exynos with 64-Bit Architecture

Since Apple introduced its new iPhone by introducing the Apple A7 chipset with 64-bit architecture, we are waiting to see who will be the first of the Androids in look new architecture with double bus.

If we make bets, few equivocarán to bet by Samsung, and it seems that the Koreans, who already have a long with the design of their new Exynos with 64-bit architecture, are ready to begin mass production of its new chipsets.

It seems Samsung has ready the final design of a chipset with Quad-core processor architecture big. LITTLE, dual-core Cortex-A53 and other two Cortex-A57 which would run to 64-bit, and who would be ready to put on the market in the first months of 2014.

It is evident that the first emigrants would be them is your own Samsung, and the future Galaxy S5 has all the ballots to brand new Exynos of 64-bit in the first half of the year 2014, ahead of its release to alleviate huge competition who suffers the high-end Android in recent months.

By putting all the data on the table, still remains even know if Android 4.4 will accept new architectures natively, although it is a logical step watching the movement of Apple. Logic would also be that Samsung premiered the new architectures, being the largest manufacturer of the platform, and logical is that its new flagship is the flag.

However, switching to 64-bit will be little noticed and pretty transparent for the user, rather than be able to address more than 3 GB of RAM, limit that has already reached the Galaxy Note 3.