Sales of Winter 2012. Discounts at Massimo Dutti

We return to open our special ‘Sales of winter 2012’ and this time we focus on the more formal and classic of the Inditex Group line, Massimo Dutti. Some savers who as expected in rare cases come to fifty per cent, and usually is between 30 and 40 percent reduction, and even less (10-20 per cent) in certain articles as we will see in the selection.

If you’ve missed any of this rebajeros listings “low cost” Edition (although for Dutti is quoted because house prices are not anything cheap or if you want on sale, idem with Zara, but as you know this is a terminology that we do not we have invented and is used to distinguish these the luxury brands) I encourage you to review them.

In the first part we focus on the Topman, in the second at Asos, the third white and H.E. by Mango, and also have a fourth and fifth part dedicated to Zara. Dutti we’ve mostly selected Basic wardrobeand some other piece of patterned some fashion trend. But overall we have opted for basic lasting in time. This is our list.

Outer garments

We are left with the coat cutting sailor type peacoat in blue making wool, adaptable both for clothing for the casual (before €240 now €120), this one does takes interesting fifty… and we also liked the skin jacket three quarters neck of lamb in chocolate brown, here the discount is more discreet, as it is known the ‘good articles’ are reduced, not failure (before €500 now €300).


The Blazers, I stay with the American wool houndstooth plot in shades of gray (before €340 now now €200) or the American cashmere in toast shade that includes the detail of the elbow pads in tone land (before €400 now €200).


As for shirts I prefer one Basic in azure blue with fist for twins (before €50 now 30), or a more casual, it’s style lumberjack with pictures window type in reddish tones and front wall in Brown (before €50 now €30).


Handsome point section by the Cardigan blue lavender with zips and details in beige (before €50 now €30) and by the knitted waistcoat with weft in pictures Prince of Wales (formerly €60 now €30).


The bottom section I have chosen two, the first more casual is a Chinese morado-apagado color also available in khaki and raw (before €40 now €30), or this another of dress in grey stone (before €70 now €50).

Footwear and accessories

As always to complete the move, a footwear and accessories. We are committed by the booty type semi Brogue in Brown (antes100€ 80 now €), the nautical skin in blue (before €40 now €30), the scarf Camel with printeado of Paisley (before €30 now 23), gloves skin in Brown (before €40 now €30), the reversible belt (before €30 now €20) and the wool tie with pictures (before €40 now €23)