Sal, Cape Verde

Along with the neighboring island of Boa Vista, Sal is the most popular tourist destination in Cape Verde. There are charter trips from all corners of the world as visitors are attracted to the warm climate, the winds that make up perfect surfing and the local seafood restaurants that make it water in anyone’s mouths.

You go to Sal mainly to get peace and quiet or practice water sports in all its forms and if you want to experience a culture that does not go off for picks and which at the same time keeps its traditions, Sal and Cape Verde is something to visit. Since Sal has now become such a popular destination, the hotels have been expanded and they have also invested in various concept hotels that not only offer accommodation and food but also a range of activities that make both children and adults get a taste of the island kingdom.

The best thing about Sal

The best thing about Sal can be difficult to determine: a temperature that rarely drops below 25 degrees, white sandy beaches, a rich wildlife, perfect winds for surfing or a music that sounds everywhere you go. The famous C├ęsaria Evora came from Cape Verde and this type of music has taken root on every single island.

Santa Maria – the capital

It might be a good idea to call Santa Maria a city. This is more of a larger village but there is plenty to explore here. Local culture is important in Cape Verde and if you want to buy cheap local goods in unique copies, you should go along the streets of this colorful city to look at the wicker baskets that women struggle with, the handmade jewelry that is not available. grab somewhere else as well as shawls, food, spices and other things that the island offers.

Surfing and water games at Sal

January-February is the ultimate time for surfing and at Kite Beach, those who are a real veteran can try the waves while those above can head to Surf Zone Cabo Verde, where you can both rent a board and take lessons.
It is not only everything above the water that is to be explored when you get to Sal, but also the many reefs, shipwrecks and underwater caves. At Sal you can contact several companies that offer diving trips, including to Blue Eye which is the most famous cave.
In addition to this, there are a large number of water sports to engage in and a sea water that is very salty and refreshing.

The inner parts

It is hard to imagine that an island so green and turquoise at the coastal strips, can be so dry and special in the inner parts. Sal’s inner desert area has even been compared to the planet Mars, and people come here who both want to look at the environment or ride a quad bike for a little sense of adventure.
The inner part of Sal also offers a green oasis called Viveiro Botanical Garden. Here you can not only take relaxing walks in the greenery to watch fun bird species and flowers, but also visit a zoo or relax with a yoga session that has become commonplace in recent times.

Sal, Cape Verde

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