Rumor of the Day: WikiLeaks Competitor Will be Released This Month

If a WikiLeaks can create so much media coverage exposing flaws war tactics and causing diplomatic problems for governments, imagine that two WikiLeaks able to do? Soon you will not have to imagine anymore. A group of militants current WikiLeaks intends to launch a second site of the same type and documents that meet not only the US government, but other countries as well.

This is what guarantees Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who has been the WikiLeaks spokesman in 2009 and is one of the group members who broke away from the site. The group decided to create the site itself because they are unhappy with their leader, Julian Assange, considers it important to disclose. Domscheit-Berg and other members left the organization in September of that year because they think Assange is giving close attention to the US government, ignoring the other incriminating documents.


For this reason, the group led by Daniel plans to open a similar site WikiLeaks before the end of the year. “The sites would not be competitors,” says group to the German newspaper Die Tageszeitung. “We just would have a different format from WikiLeaks, with a more similar approach to a newspaper” complete. They also say they do not have a platform or name chosen yet.