Rumor of the Day: Amazon is Getting Closer to Offer Streaming Music

Rumors that Amazon is about to fight for space in the segment of streaming audio are becoming stronger. According to an article published recently by The Wall Street Journal , the company already has ongoing negotiations with major players in the music industry, including, Universal, Sony Music and Warner.

The paper also gave details of how you can run the service. The traditional model of monthly subscription is not necessarily ruled out, but it is quite likely that the company chooses to direct the possible news to subscribers of the Amazon Prime, which currently offers streaming video and other benefits at the cost of $ 79 per year.

It does not end there. Amazon may also be considering limiting access to the collection, so that the user can listen to songs or albums for only a certain number of times. The reason? Encourage the purchase of tracks via download, option that Amazon offers for some time.

It may seem like a “mercenary” attitude, but it is possible that Amazon is based on the theories – one championed by Napster staff, you see – that point that most users use streaming service to discover new artists or songs.

In other words, these positions suggest that the consumer is more likely to buy music after discovering them streaming. If this view is correct, then Amazon has a relevant argument to get more competitive agreements with record companies and distributors, which is important for a moment to question the viability of the audio transmission model.

An information published this week by the magazine Billboard confirms this strategy: in its latest proposal, Amazon would have offered a $ 30 million deal to record, with US $ 25 million for the biggest names and the rest to independent labels. These values ​​would be renewable and paid regardless of the amount of times the available songs are accessed.

Sought, Amazon did not weave any comment on the matter, which serves to give even more strength to the rumors.