Rodarte Spring-Summer: Warriors of the Future

Let others look to the past, which I’ll look to the future. As if retro, that if inspiration in the 50’s, in the 60’s, the 70 … and the gra and fashion tour on itself without advance often boredom!. But a few designers go further and insist that fashion evolve, grow, change, modify, but never, never, I die. Rodarte looking towards a future very Warrior for the next Spring-summer 2013.

A new urban tribe

They seem to just outputs of the Mad Max film. Our Warrior they look fringe, shoulder pads as a shell, oversize clothing or tight dresses, but they have no fear of anything or anyone else. Born a new urban tribe, which ansiará these gigantic jackets with strange symbols that we see versions in other signature. Hair shaved on one side and slopes that cover the entire ear, style of Alice Dellal, they are the hallmark of this new tribe.

In short, drawing the waist

The short dresses and miniskirts rise the garment award star. Different, suggestive, dresses that make strong to the woman wearing them.

Long dresses, Prom Queen rebels

In general, I hate the long evening dresses. But you say? you will think. Well, I hate to give impression of a helpless Princess, and most evening dresses give the image of you. And nothing more boring to be topical and typical. So I prefer these dresses, which are sexy, are divine, but do not have much to do with the classic long dresses.