Rock Goes On: Pencil Skirt And Ring Sweater

It came, as it had to come… the visit of Otto and Montezuma, after he devoted himself extensively to my son, also taken my daughter into the possession.

She wanted to have with the two but nothing at the hat and found the right to the K. The cheerful fellow fellows did not let themselves get out of their way. I think you a stubborn and rather insolent pack is that… and it is the responsibility that I spent my sunbathing blogging time in the laundry room… instead of devoting myself to the remarks of my next blog post.


And… as much as I describe the matter here with a wink, if anybody in my presence, these MD viruses, no I will not pronounce the name, just mentioned, then I mutate to the hysterical essence. I actually have zero hypochondriac features… actually… This changes almost immediately, if someone in my proximity of MD viruses speaks.Within seconds, I get a dull stomach, headaches, and I imagine very urgently and quickly where to go and that is just the reaction when these viruses are mentioned.

Hygiene Sluice

Completely irrational, I will be when someone near me is affected by this story. Then disinfectants for hands and things are my best friends. I would prefer to do everything and ALL in my vicinity to a dry cleaning and catch me dreaming of a hygiene sluice otherwise known only from such nasty pandemic films from Hollywood… and believe me when the friends of my children , Their siblings at home would have something with MD, I must suppress the impulse to ask the children immediately to the outside or to inject them with disinfectant… Otherwise, I find the parts rather unnecessary. Better one wash more hands. But as I said, I’m never rational then… I bounce like a headless chicken through the area and imagine I could see the viruses hovering in the air…

Pencil Skirt And Striped Sweater

Okay-now it’s out, I’m not quite tight… and hope you remain loyal to my blog even after my outing… O:-) In order to do the advancement, I will now go to the really important things and give you another outfit with Rock show… this time so ne mixture of casual and yet not. A pencil skirt with stripes is now really not really created for each other… but also only actually. Because I think the two fit perfectly together. What still: Exactly, this week starts a profit game… probably on Sunday… so far, the visit spared me… Ommmmmmmmm… I am then times in the disinfectant… comes through the week your dear…