Ricosti Liquid Lipstick: Babi

Hi girls!

I’ve been very, very faintly even. Is running that is not over yet (rsrsr), but if God willing everything will work out.

Well today I’m going to talk about a product that I just love makeup, lipstick; and the chosen was theBabi of Ricosti.

The packaging is like a gloss and very resistant, contains 4.5 ml of lipstick. The applicator is equal to that of all liquid lipsticks, I just don’t really like the size because it’s not very accurate at the time of application, but that’s not a problem, it’s a matter of adaptation.

The texture is creamy and intense pigmentation, which greatly facilitates the time to apply, one layer is enough.

As a matter of fact, I bought this lipstick to try and bought the blind because I didn’t know in fact the colors. I saw several reviews and tutorials about the famous Liquid Matte Lipsticks of the Ricosti and of course I also would want to try (lol).

I was terribly surprised with the result, the lipstick is matte lips, but you don’t get dry aspect, my lips craquelou and lasted not horrors, around 8 hours without retouching. It doesn’t dry immediately, it takes on average a minute to dry, is super comfortable and not transfers.

I loved the result and the color too; and you, what do you think? Comment let me know, Ok!