“Retap” Reusable Bottle of 0.5L

If you like to keep you hydrated while you work, glass reusable bottle Retap won’t leave your desktop.

They say that you have to drink at least a litre and a half of water a day, so safe that you have always a plastic bottle of bottled water that filled in the tap…And you already know that it is not advisable to reuse plastic bottles because harmful substances contained in plastics end up transferred to the water.

Reusable bottle “Retap” there is no danger of unhealthy substances our body, because it is high-strength borosilicate glass and their CAP is BPA free silicone.

Designed in Denmark, the Bottle reusable “Retap” besides being respectful with the environment and be specifically designed to be reused, because you don’t have any angle so can not accumulate bacteria, is a product of high quality and with a very nice design that you will love to have on your deskwell hand to hydrate yourself whenever you need it.

Guarantee of by life

Reusable “Retap” bottles, to be made of borosilicate, supported most of the impacts. If your “Retap” reusable bottle will break accidentally, take a picture of the broken glass and send it by e-mail together with the sales receipt in the physical store or the purchase invoice online (you can request it through our contact form) to info@retap.dk. Retap will send you a new bottle immediately.

This warranty only applies to “Retap” original reusable bottles, you do not throw the CAP because only replace the bottle. The warranty is valid only in the countries of the EU (and Switzerland). Only bottles will be replaced when Retap receive the ticket or the invoice of the purchase.

Product features

Reusable glass-capped bottle.

Material: bottle (20% recycled) borosilicate glass and stopper in thermoplastic elastomer, suitable for food use.

Dimensions: 195 mm in height and 70 mm in diameter.

Capacity: 500 ml.

Plugs colors: pink, black, lime, blue sky, blue snow, intense and light green. The colors of the plugs are sent at random.

Suitable for washing in a dishwasher.


Les 94 meilleures images du tableau Eten en drinken …

Les 94 meilleures images du tableau Eten en drinken ...

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