Rejuvenating Pillowcase: Novelty in the World of Beauty

Healthy, wrinkle-free skin leaves anyone younger, so it’s hard to find someone who does not covet. In any beauty treatment sleep is one of the greatest allies, since we totally depend on the rest for the quality of the skin. If before sleeping already helped to look younger, now the rejuvenating pillowcase promises to make this process even easier.

The novelty of the brand VOGUE promises to combat the most common signs of aging, such as wrinkles and lines of expression besides common problems such as acne. And no, you did not get it wrong, it’s actually a pillowcase that treats your skin while you sleep!

Here is, the pillowcase is fabricated from a kin Rejuvenating Pillowcase Iluminage POND`S brand that has clinically tested fibers that have been immersed in Copper Oxide.

In its online store the advertiser lists the detailed benefits that the pillowcase must provide, being:

  1. Prevention and combat of wrinkles and fine lines;
  2. Combat of acnes;
  3. Stimulation of the production of collagen, responsible for the firmness of the skin;
  4. It does not leave the face with the “masassada” appearance, after a night of sleep;
  5. It does not have contraindications or cases of allergy;
  6. Helps in blood circulation;
  7. It does not lose its benefits after successive washes.

As Regards The Operation Of The Pillowcase, The Manufacturer Explains That:

When it comes in contact with the skin the pillowcase releases the copper ions present in its fibers, and these are transported to the skin by the very natural moisture of the air. The skin absorbs these ions that immediately begin the process of treating the skin.

In fact the novelty seems reliable and efficient, but this we will only know after use. Is that you? Did you already know the pillowcase? How did you like the news?

Results – Rejuvenating Pillowcase

According to the advertiser, the results of the rejuvenating pillowcase can be noticed in up to four weeks of use, in addition to being compromised with comfort using a satin fabric. Photo provided by Iluminage Beauty (supplier):

There are still more reviews of bloggers on the pillowcase, Luciana Vilela, of the Woman without Pothoshop, won the product in a draw of the drugstore Venancio and has here the first contact with the pillowcase, but has not yet given the final review. Look: