Red Lips To The Dirndl – Pure Seduction!

Red lips to the dirndl one should kiss, Because they are here to be kissed! This was already Cliff Richard – almost at least – and we agree with him. Red lips to the Dirndl get a thumbs up and are among the must-haves of the season. So girls, get your MAC sanctuaries from the makeup box and start painting. With the following make-up instructions the irresistible Dirndl make-up step by step succeeds.

Step 1: Foundation

Wear a primer with a finger, make-up brush or beauty blender.Then conceal unwanted redness and eye shadow with a concealer.If you tilt too quickly shiny skin, the powdering of the T-zone is sensible.

Step 2: Make-up to Dirndl

Frequently underestimated and yet elementary: the eyebrows.Fill the eyebrows either with an eyebrow pencil or an eyebrow powder.If you opt for red lips to the Dirndl, you can do without eyeshadow.If you’re an Eye-Shadow Addict and can not do without it, you should have a nude-colored eyeshadow color.A subtle eye make-up does not detract from the intense lip color.Then shape the eyelashes with an eyelash curl and mascara.

Step 3: Red lips to Dirndl

Soft and well-groomed lips are the best for red lips to the dirndl;A peeling before the Oktoberfest make-up creates the best foundation for this.Umrande in a next step your lips with a lipliner and fill it with it completely.This prevents leakage of the lipstick and ensures a long shelf life.The lipstick is applied with a brush, then a cosmetic towel is pressed on and a second layer is applied.

Vote the color of your lipstick on your Dirndl to achieve the ultimate Wow effect.

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