Rapidshare Says That Limited Download Speed to Inhibit Piracy

The air removal Megaupload just motivating people who used it to store some legitimate files to adopt other services. One is the Rapidshare, who took a rather drastic action a few weeks ago: limited the speed of non-paying users at 30 kbps. The reason, according to the company revealed on Friday, was not to increase the number of subscribers but to decrease the illegal use of the site.

The statement was given to the website TorrentFreak. For them the company also states that “with Megaupload closing was an increase in non-paying user traffic and this has also been accompanied by a greater abuse of our services.”

So this attitude of the speed limit was taken as the Rapidshare who believes that content pirates do not want to pay for a service type and, consequently, this should inhibit piracy on the servers. And yes, the attitude may have contributed to increase the number of paying users, but they do not admit.

After all, Rapidshare is hosted in Switzerland, a country with very lenient laws regarding copyright infringement. And it is not just any little job: according to public data site, the storage capacity of your servers are in their Petabytes and the available bandwidth is around 800 Gigabits.