Rapidshare Off Speed Limit for Non-subscribers

At the time that the Megaupload went off the air, a series of similar services took precautions not to have the same fate of the now deceased services. One of the services, Rapid share, decided to limit the download speed of non-paying users, which in theory frighten away those who only want to distribute pirated content. Apparently this restriction was eventually reversed.

The speed limit is no longer applied in the last 23 when it was detected by the French site Numerama, but only today Rapid share confirmed to TorrentFreak website that the restriction was deactivated voluntarily. They say “removed all restrictions download for free users” and that this is part of a new strategy. The table comparison between paid and free accounts still says there is a speed restriction, but does not say what the current limit.

The change of attitude does not mean that Rapid share does not care more about having their servers seized by authorities in search of piracy. CEO also said that “although the limit was implemented to prevent piracy, we realize that there are more efficient ways” to deal with it. The CEO also said that by the end of 2012 they promise to announce the rest of the strategy.

Perhaps the strategy is “not losing users to other services that do not restrict speed,” but I’m just kicking.