Puppies-10 Helpful Tips (Part I)


All breeds of dog have one point in common: they were babies a day.
Therefore, to have been puppy, the dog needed special care.
Puppy’s diet, sleeping hours, the games, all part of the world of our pets.
Growing up, the dog is often the reflection of what he experienced during your childhood.
As pets, our dogs should receive all the affection they need, since little ones.
The fact, however, is that not everyone knows how to take care of the correct way of your puppy.
By purchasing a puppy, many people get scared with the responsibilities that this entails.
You should be concerned with the walks, with special food, baths, without vaccination, desverminação, consultation with the veterinarian.
With that in mind, we decided to list 10 useful tips for you to keep in mind when resolving adopt your puppy.

Puppies-10 tips

  1. the leader. To bring home the puppy, the family has to establish from the beginning who will be the leader of the Pack.

A dog will respect and love all the members of your flock, but will have particular respect and adoration for the leader.
The correct dog training provides that this step is one task, not to create confusion in the head of your dog.

  1. a puppy is a fragile creature. He has just been separated from your mother, your brothers, anyway, of your family.
    The process is extremely painful for him. It is not uncommon for the puppy crying all night. He lost your family. Must get used to a new family.
    What to do? Have patience. Puppies need to feel safe and accepted.
    Dogs are not solitary creatures, they need your flock, your Pack.
    A practical tip is to put a hot water bottle (not enough to burn it) on your bed, and wrap it with a quilt, an old jacket, so he can cuddle up in it. The blouse with the smell of the owner and the warm bag may put an end to the waterworks.
  2. never accept a puppy with less than 50 days (ideally from 90 days).

A dog should never be weaned before this period.
Breastfeeding is important for any puppy. Even more than during the same period he learns to be “dog”, with his mother.
That is, this period is the time that it requires to socialize, play with the little brothers of the Wolf Pack, learn tricks and behaviors with his peers.
Remove it from the original family can cause erratic behaviors, such as fear, mistrust and aggressive attitudes (which are nothing more than a way to defend himself). Be wary of owners or breeders of dogs that offer very young puppies.

When you make the first puppy bath?

  1. what is the right age for your puppy take the first bath? The best is to give the shower just after weaning, i.e. after 50 days, at least.

Take care not to get water in your ears, which are especially sensitive in this period; always use mild soap or coconut, avoid shampoos (even those suitable for puppies) and true products until at least 6 months of age.

  1. from the weaning you can feed it with food for puppies. And that’s all. Nowadays it is known that this is the best food for the dog.
    In the old days it was common for the puppy be fed with the remains of lunch and dinner.
    But studies have shown the relationship between this practice and liver diseases, diabetes and other ailments that can attack the puppy. Avoid sharing your dish with him.
  2. Pee and poop in the right place: upon arriving at your home the pup hasn’t learned exactly what you want from them.
    The natural tendency is to make your needs next to where is the food and the bed. If you live in an apartment, this can become a very complicated situation.
    In these cases, avoid hitting the puppy; strike him anyway (even verbally) may leave him rusty. Remember that he still doesn’t have strong ties with you. Act like that can hinder or prevent you to win your confidence.
    Besides, the flap may cause it to hide what he did in other corners of the House, which will make the training more time-consuming.
    But nothing is impossible. Start by finding out where he did the pee. Cover with paper to be dry. Clean the place not to have left any clue of the urine odor.
    Then put more sheets of newspaper in the place where you want it to use as a bathroom. Put that first sheet with pee under the other. He will find out what is the right place to do it. And that includes the poop.
    7. the castration. This is a process that not only prevents unwanted pregnancy, but may, in the female, breast tumors and protect urinary tract infections; in male, testicular cancer and prostate problems.

In addition, the male dog, once castrated, won’t mark the territory all over the House. From 6 months of age the procedure it is possible.

  1. socialization. The dog needs to maintain contact with other of your species. You have probably seen those pups who can’t stand to see other dogs, and they’re already mad looking for a fight.
    Socialization from an early age prevents this behavior. In addition, socialize him with other people besides your family will keep it under control all the time. Avoid creating it as a bug.
  2. Give lots of toys for him to chew. Puppies have their teeth in constant growth. Chewing helps to keep your mouth healthy. And let them busy for a long time.
    If he doesn’t have toys by hand, will chew anything to your range, since the table leg until the sofa cushions. Keep him happy, let some fun items around so he can exercise.
    10. vaccines and dewormers. The puppy should be desverminado already at 30 days. From then on, until the 6 months of age, he must be desverminado once a month. And the vaccine? Never vaccinate a puppy before 45 days.
    He can still have antibodies from the mother, which will disable the vaccine. Remember: multiple vaccines and rabies are required.
    In addition, talk to your veterinarian, because there are other important vaccines that prevent zoonoses.

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