Pulseirismo Male: Men’s Bracelets Are Fashionable

The term ‘Men Pulseirismo’ makes sense for you? The name “pulseirismo” part of the idea of using multiple bracelets of different materials, colors and shapes at once!#SimplesAssim. The sets of men’s bracelets started in 2013, 2014 and continued firm in 2015.

And the bracelet is a male accessory that is gaining the wrist of men, including famous (actors, musicians) using wonderful bracelets. It is common to walk the streets and encountering men with several, especially leather bracelet clasps and various details.Some also mix with the clock.

The male pulseirismo is on the rise, has a manly footprint and allows mount looks more beautiful and modern. But, of course, as any male enhancement, the bracelets must be in harmony with the rest of the look and also need to be written correctly, otherwise you run the risk of getting a visual over, Jack Sparrow style.

Of course it’s going to a lot of style. Some prefer even over. Now, if you don’t have the habit of using bracelets don’t exaggerate the colors or in quantity. Use a single neutral and discreet bracelet. The important thing is to feel comfortable and like to use.

It is important that the MEN’S BRACELETS are chosen according to the clothes that you will use. If your dressing style is more classic, prefer the leather bracelets, gold or silver. Already style is more rock ‘n’ roll option is for bracelets with skulls and spikes (nails tips). If your look is more “bug cricket” prefer bracelets on ropes or raw materials and details alternatives (in natura).

Five places to buy men’s bracelets

The blogger Bruno Figueiredo, Plays on Google, indicated to readers of our blog in five places you buy super stylish men’s bracelets and with good price:

1) Parco Design

Parco Design is one of the best websites to buy male accessories listed in the blogger Bruno Ford. According to him, the accessories are rich in detail, and this is reflected in the quality and beauty of their products. Check out the website:www.parcodesign.com.br

2) art for the Nations

The art for the Nations conquered the blogger for your differential. Are not just accessories, but there is a whole meaning. Each piece has a purpose, and I believe.Visitwww.arteparaasnacoesloja.com.

3) Blessed Benedict

Stands out for the creativity of the bracelets. All handmade and are therefore very different and unique pieces. They use materials like silver, leather, Crystal among others. www.benditobenedito.com.br

4) Pulse accessories

Great prices. Bracelets from R $12.00. The site has suggestions of sets from R $40.00.www.pulsoacessorios.com

5) Key Design

You’re out of styles of bracelets, they shared the 4 categories: Navy, Mixed, Classy and Wild. Go to: www.keydesign.com.br

Famous people and celebrities who have already joined the male pulseirismo

Image with some famous men are out there with your bracelets, lavishing style and personality. And women love!