Projected Keyboards from the Cell Phone of the Future

Already in 2009 called to participate in a Mozilla labs concept competition on. As one of the results came out a concept by Billy May. He presented his concept idea of the “Seabird mobile”. 

This phone is the concept, see a Web friendly on a surface projected keyboard as absolute.With two micro small projectors a keyboard on a surface are projected, and at the same time be the content of the displays projected on the wall. The product design specialist would with his concept the operation of cell phones extremely simplify. After already Mini laser projectors in development (we reported it), is it conceivable that a concept like this in the real world can be implemented. However, Mozilla labs distanced himself of it to put this idea into practice. You will not embark on the part of Mozilla under the Mobile phone manufacturers .However, another company could pick up this idea to gain an competitive advantage in the competitive mobile phone market. Billy May also came up with a second concept for user-friendly mobile control. The idea of this concept is a detachable Bluetooth or infrared dongle, with whose help the user could control the mobile phone free gestures in space. The dongle could provide haptic feedback for clicks.

The idea is not new, but intended more
Since the main problem with smart phones and mobile phones is the operation which must be made mostly on confined space directly on the mobile phone, this can be seabird mobile concept, many users of full expectation that look, whether companies will take up this idea as aderZukunft trend . The idea of the projected keyboards is not new. Manufacturers such as, for example, Europe already offer Accessories that can be coupled via Bluetooth with the Smart phones. If the development of the Mini laser projectors continues, these projectors could soon be integrated into the smart phones. So could cell phones such as the seabird concept model in the future laptop and NetBook almost replace. Also systems such as the smart book in the construction of the module would be then the fail doomed.

Various Applications Are Possible
As shown in the video is, just a small stand (dock), where the mobile phone is stored as accessories. So can the Smartphone of the future as a laptop or as a convenient playback medium for movies such as the 3D adult movie sex and Zen the shot in Asia will act. As E-book reader for students, such devices could be used such as for example the Double Tablet PC. No cumbersome accessories needed to Web-friendly mobile phone to operate. So one can only hope that the idea of Billy may is realized as quickly as possible to realize an Open Web Mobile.