Pregnancy Clothing: Bamboo line of My Sanity

We know how important a comfortable and cool clothing during pregnancy, in the early days after birth and during breast-feeding. To respond to the needs of women, Mysanity, a leading intimate apparel for mothers offers an unmissable new: the Bamboo line.

Pregnancy Clothing Bamboo line of My Sanity 1

Tank tops, briefs, bras and T-shirts products entirely produced with bamboo fiber by ewenzhou. The fiber comes from bamboo marrow and is characterized by excellent permeability, by a comfortable feeling of softness and a high ease of dyeing.

Pregnancy Clothing Bamboo line of My Sanity 2

For style conscious mothers to the environment should be emphasized that this is a natural fiber ” Eco-Friendly” because the bamboo which is obtained is grown naturally without fertilizers and pesticides, while respecting the environment.

Pregnancy Clothing Bamboo line of My Sanity 3

Maximum security so given that in the processing of bamboo fiber non-chemical additives are used and all production processes are non-polluting to the environment and all products made are biodegradable. All pieces in the collection provide comfort, lightness and maximum convenience: fundamental qualities for a woman is pregnant and new mothers who breastfeed their child.for further information: MySanity.

What to Wear in Pregnancy?

Because knowing what to wear in pregnancy does not have to be a problem, we have several suggestions and comfortable for different occasions. Check it out here.

Pregnancy is something natural in a woman’s life, and, therefore, everything must be done so that the state of grace is common to all situations of the life of a pregnant woman.

Although the hormones do their and that the body change almost daily, the pre-mothers should seek to feel well with your image, which can and must to maintain your style and identity to pair the elegance and, above all, comfort.

Thus, we answer the question: what to wear in pregnancy?

We have prepared 8 pregnancy looks for you to try.



Contrary to what you may think, it should generally be avoided if the parts are too baggy, because anything that does not have a structure adds more volume and is therefore less favorable.

The tummy becomes more beautiful if it is marked in subtle ways, for example with a t-shirt slightly adjusted, or alternatively a top, blouse or tunic, empire line, that is, with a cut just below the area of the chest.

As to whether to cover or not to the belly, it is a matter of personal taste, but I would say that a belly covered, even in outline, it is always more elegant.


This advice extends to jackets and warm clothing.

These pieces should never be too large not to visually increase the size of the body.

Should you bet on the jackets structured that mark the line of the waist and to the shoulders and to the extent that the belly will grow to use them open. The jackets fluids without buttons and lapels are also a great option.

The pregnant woman should aim to optimize the most of your wardrobe and, in most cases, parts in the mesh, tunics empire cut, dresses and tops, fluids can be availed. There are, however, some specific pieces in that makes all the sense to invest, such as pants with stretch fabric in the belly area.

At this stage, it should give special attention to the lingerie you have chosen, including a good bra can withstand the weight of the chest that gradually increases as well as a briefs comfortable to support the weight of the belly.


Speaking of colors and patterns, as a general rule the darker colors and more patterns small are assumed as more favorecedores, because they lengthen the silhouette making it more elegant.

Already in the context of textures and materials, and once that pregnant women have more heat than normal, the ideal is to use the tissues more natural, fresh and comfortable, as is the cotton, and still choose to dress in layers so you can never feel the discomfort of having clothes more or less. All the parts that have spandex are a good option for being more flexible and comfortable.


As to footwear, comfort should be the priority, so the bet will be for the jumps a little lower, or even shallow. The latest fashion of the flat square of average height, passing by the models, compensated or platforms up to the models of oxford, the shoes and sabrinas, the choices are almost endless.


As for the accessories, pregnant women should use and abuse of accessories simple and elegant which enrich the look, from a portfolio of quality, the sunglasses full of style, going by watches and bracelets striking, or a scarf glamorous.


And because beauty is not only outside, should not forget about moisturizing daily body, with special focus on critical areas (chest and belly), and of solar protection to prevent stains on the face.