Practical, Timeless, Beautiful!A Tribute To The Cardigan

What is for MacGyver his pocket knife, is for me the cardigan. He can do anything and is my perfect companion through all seasons.

In the summer he is the trunk part in my handbag. When the air gets colder in the early evening, I pull my companion out of a fine knit over the spaghetti straps dress and I am well equipped for the stiff breeze.

In autumn and winter my cardigan makes short sleeves and dresses wearable again. You know this well: the knitted dress with short sleeves is simply beautiful, but on the arms much too cold at five degrees outside temperature. No problem, cardigan over it, and I’m perfectly outgoing!

Even on a bike is not without it! In winter, my all-rounder favorite protects me on the bangle in addition to sweater and down jacket. I wear the cardigan very simply over my actual outfit and already is a bit warmer. And also in the spring he keeps me from a cold back on the bike. I then take a long version of my favorite piece under my leather jacket.

And he can mask the cardigan! Long-cardigans flatter the figure and make each look something “attracted”. Long cardigan over tight top and skirt – already the outfit is office-ready!

But, the cardigan in all its colors, shapes and facets must not only be the charming companion of my other garments. He himself can also shine as an eye-catcher! Therefore, I also have cardigans with knitted and printed patterns or eye-catching applications in the wardrobe.

So what can not be missing in any wardrobe, so cardigan-technically? As a small combination miracle, I recommend fashion professionals a white, a black and a cardigan in earth tones in the wardrobe. One of them always fits, to every outfit! At least one of them should be an eye-catcher – with a wild pattern, sequins or whatever you like.

Cardigan, you’re super! Do you find it, too?