Philips Shows The Incredible Future Of OLED Lighting

Ever wondered if your bathroom mirror was also a source of light? Or how about having a transparent screen on the ceiling of your room that lights up? One window? It is difficult to explain in words, but this is the future of lighting that Philips is preparing. You can check the video below to better understand what this represents:

Dietmar Thomas is responsible for presenting all the conceptual ideas with OLEDs that the company has prepared to impress the public. In the video, we can see several applications of the screens, which at least surprise.

A giant screen that responds to user movements (something like a light panel with Kinect), luminaires that light up a part of the structure, illuminated decoration objects… The light will stop being just a clear point inside the house for her Design and objects.

The Future Is OLED

The big difference between OLED and other light sources (even the LED) is that it allows an entire surface to emit light instead of just one point. So for the first time people do not need a system to diffuse the light. OLED itself is capable of doing this.

Philips says that all the products you see in the video are made from commercially available components, but the high prices (more than a thousand dollars per  panel with three screens ) of OLED lighting will limit your sales for some time.

Thomas believes that prices will fall in the next five years or so, reaching mass-market levels so that “everyone can buy OLED systems in Ikea stores” (specializing in the sale of low-cost household furniture). The future we see in movies is coming, ever closer.