Patent Dispute: Apple and Ericsson Withdraw Lawsuits

Is the next big patent dispute in the mobile industry: Apple and the network equipment supplier Ericsson agree after almost a year of judicial proceedings. In the conflict between the iphone producers and the network equipment supplier, it was among other things to the cellular standards GSM technologies and LTE. Apple Ericsson pays royalties and initially a one-off payment for the agreement limited to seven years. About the height the silent group.

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Dispute over fees for standard patents

Apple had accused in the January 2015 following the expiry of the previous agreement the world’s largest network equipment supplier, to set the fees for standard patents to high and went to court. Ericsson sued affiliated for the injury of more than 40 patents and wanted to certify themselves by a judge that the required level of royalty payments is appropriate. Special rules apply for such patents that belong to the hard core of standards. Holder must grant licenses to fair conditions and without discrimination. On the question of what is a fair price, there are but always dispute.

Announced further collaboration

Agreement Ericsson withdraws all charges in California, Texas and before the U.S. trade authority ITC as well as in Germany, Britain and the Netherlands, as reported by the company. Cooperate in the development of technologies for the next high-speed data transmission standard 5 G Apple and Ericsson. For the licences and intellectual property business Ericsson expected to 2015 revenues between 13 and 2014 the network supplier scored 14 billion Swedish Crowns (1.4 to 1.5 billion euro) 9.9 billion kronor.

Less court procedures in the mobile phone industry

Now noticeably waning patent conflicts bitter a few years ago, mainly because Apple and Samsung have pulled back most of their mutual complaints. It be fought by the instances only cases in the US. Also Nokia sued Apple due to the injury of more than 40 patents, it’s also went to mobile communication standards. The company reached an agreement after about two years in summer 2011. Nokia at the time also gave Apple bar payments in the future, Nokia did not give the exact terms and conditions. (With material of the AP.)