Parade Blumarine Spring/Summer Advocates Personal Taste and Not the Conventions

Face the next spring, the designer Anna Molinari you have created a signature collection Blumarine very mindful femininity and its lightness; but also in the attraction existing between the opposite, and that one should dress for itself and not for others.

As well, this morning at 9,30 o’clock in the Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan, you could see their proposals that passed by evening dresses combined with long jackets or pants maxi with curdled jackets of paillettes, giving rise to a curious game of volumes that seemed to want to celebrate the personal taste and not the conventions.

Based on Philosophynearby, the entire collection has been made in cotton, silk, tulle, silk devoured, and lurex embroidered with crystals and sequins giving life to elongated with volumes light garments particularly refined but very wearable.

Once again they could see the sensational and sensual dresses nude look that Molinari has fun by applying elegant brightly coloured petals or embroidering flowers giving life to sophisticated creations that can look just as good on the red carpet and on the street, depending on the accessories used.

Pants, very spacious, are combined with silk blouses. The flower dresses, on the other hand, is combianan with trenchs accesorizados with snaps, heel Sandals needle and small clutchs hanging from the shoulder with chains.

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