Orange Yumo, Analysis

The company Orange announced last month its terminal Orange Yumo, which brings to the market under its own brand and exclusive and manufacturing company Huawei. It is a clear evolution of the model Orange Daytona presented earlier this year.

Both companies are working together 6 years and their relationship has resulted last Orange Yumo, an Android device that aims to meet the needs of users (big screen 5 inch, power and ease of use) together with the new trend of mobile connectivity, 4 G / LTE, that promises an Internet browsing at breakneck speeds, faster than any ADSL market.

We are hblando a mobile phone which lands on the market as mid-range with LTE connectivity and that has left us very good taste. We see in detail the pros and cons of this terminal Android’s latest generation.

Orange Yumo, natural evolution of Daytona

Orange launched its Orange Daytona terminal at the end of January this year and became a benchmark in sales for the company. On this occasion, due to the deployment of the 4G network in Spain they wanted to launch a new terminal and have repeated with Huawei hoping to be able to repeat the success of sales of its predecessor.

This terminal has a measures 139.5 × 71.5 × 9,3 mm and weighs 150 grams, rather high compared with other models of 5 inch. However it is even thinner than its predecessor.

Aesthetically is a terminal with a sober design capacitive buttons under the screen and whose back wears the logo of Orange and a finish in brightness that mimics to metal even if we are really to plastic. The front stands out by the detail of the speaker at the top as well as the metal rim that surrounds the same.

In addition to the front-facing camera and the screen, the bottom hides three capacitive keys backlit and the top LED for notifications.

See the technical characteristics of Orange Yumo face his predecessor Daytona to see of the qualitative leap that Orange has given in just 9 months.

Model Orange Daytona Orange Yumo
Manufacturer Huawei Huawei
Release date 31 Jan 2013 23 oct 2013
Screen 4.5 inch IPS 5 inch IPS
Resolution 854 x 480 1280 × 720
Density 207 ppp 293 ppp
Dimensions 123 × 67 × 9.9 mm 139.5 × 71.5 × 9,3 mm
Weight 150 g 150 g
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon
Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus
Nuclei 2 (Cortex A5) 2 (Krait)
Frequency 1.2 GHz 1.2 GHz
GPU Adreno 203 Adreno 305
RAM 0.5 GB 1 GB
Internal memory 4 GB 8 GB
Expandable via microSD
Connectivity data 2 G / 3G 2g / 3G / 4G (LTE 3 Cat)
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR + A2DP 4.0 (LE) + EDR
Wi-fi 802.11 b/g / 802.11 b/g /
Rear camera 5 Mpixel / VGA video 8 Mpixel / FullHD video
Front camera 0.3 Mpixel 1 Mpixel
Battery 1750 mAh 2,400 mAh

Mounted a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus)MSM8930) made on 28nm, which consumes less and is significantly more powerful, not only in terms of CPU, that despite maintaining the operating frequency account with much more advanced cores but also in terms of 3D graphics, which is necessary if you want to play a 720 p resolution.

Photographic terrain also improves thanks to the inclusion of a 8 megapixel camera with sensor backlit but where most noticeable change is in the video, and can record videos in FullHD, including stereo audio.

The battery It’s 2,400 mAh and we can confirm that even making use of 4G networks have been able to get halfway through the second day without any problem making regular use of the terminal.

As you can see, we have one remarkable evolution in features that gives us a slightly larger, although most terminal slim and with the same weight as Orange Daytona.

Screen, definition and wide viewing angle

One of the great advances of Yumo compared to its predecessor is its screen of 5 inch IPS with resolution 720 p. The image quality is superb, and not in vain is rubbing those 300 DPI that trendy Apple with its “Retina Display”. Also have to comment that it is covered with the protection of Gorilla Glass 2.

The step of using a WVGA resolution at 720 p resolution is remarkable. You will see how the pixels disappear from the display, leaving everything more defined as difference in small texts. We believe we are faced with an very good quality screen, with a high brightness level and the height of high-end terminals with some outstanding viewing angles: If we leave the terminal on a table screen you can see with good colors from almost the horizontal, it seems the typical sticker that came formerly pasted on the screen of the mobile.

It’s a panel enough bright to be a mid-range and although measurements shows slightly behind panels of high-end smartphones, we have to mention that even day to day use full sunlight the screen shows perfect.

Screens Google
Nexus 5
Xperia Z1
Galaxy S4
Diagonal 4.95 inches 5 inch 5 inch 5.2 inch 5 inch
Resolution 1920 × 1080 1920 × 1080 1280 x 720 1920 × 1080 1920 × 1080
Density 445 ppp 441 ppp 293 ppp 423 DPI 441 ppp
Panel IPS LCD Triluminos IPS IPS SuperAMOLED
Brightness 455 lux 460 lux 350 lux 369 lux 429 lux

The display offers great quality of vision from multiple points of view, the best that we have seen in the market within this category:

See complete gallery» Orange Yumo: angles of view screen (4 photos)

Many high-end smartphones do not even reach this level, and we remind you that noticed in Nexus 5 or for example the screens that accompany the last Xperia Sony.

Orange Yumo face competition

In the table below we see how half Orange Yumo opposite terminals of the competition enters the market 4 G range. We are looking for 4G of medium range Terminal.

We put the price bar in the upper part in Nexus 5, i.e. terminals 4 G Android with one lower price of 349 euros (leave out for example HTC Desire 601, which lies within upper-middle range with the bonuses of their speakers, software and materials):


Model Orange
Smart 4G
S Grand Flex
Blade APEX
S.O. Android 4.1.2 Android 4.2 4.2.1 Android 4.2.1 Android
Screen 5 inch 4.5 inch 5 inch 4.5 inch
Resolution 1280 × 720 960 × 540 1280 × 720 960 × 540
Density 293 ppp 244 ppp 293 ppp 244 ppp
Dimensions 139.5 × 71.5 × 9,3 mm 134 × 67.1 × 10,25 mm 143 × 70.9 × 8.5 mm 133 × 66 × 10.4 mm
Weight 150 g 153 g 130 g 120 g
Processor Qualcomm
Nuclei 2 2 2 2
Frequency 1.2 GHz 1.2 GHz 1.2 GHz 1.2 GHz
RAM 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB
Internal memory 8 GB 8 GB 16 GB 4 GB
MicroSD expansion No
Connectivity 2 G / 3G / LTE 2 G / 3G / LTE 2 G / 3G / LTE 2 G / 3G / LTE
Rear camera 8 Mpixel 8 Mpixel 8 Mpixel 5 Mpixel
Front camera 1 Mpixel N.D. 1 Mpixel 1 Mpixel
Battery 2,400 mAh and1, 880 mAh 2,300 mAh 2,070 mAh
Price (*) €204 (€8.47 / month 2years) €204 (€8.47 / month 2years) €269 (cheaper in contract) €169

(*) Base price of the model when they arose.

As you can see already we started to have 4 G of range offers media and not only in the segment of Android, also in Windows Phone with Lumia 625.

Orange Yumo it becomes a great alternative if we are users of the operator Orange since they offer so we financed at a monthly price of 8.47 euros (over 2 years) and you get a terminal that has good range and can any current game.

Orange Yumo performance

We have already seen that this chip is able to Qualcomm MSM8930, HTC Desire 601 analysis, and we show you the results that we have obtained in our battery of tests with Orange Yumo.

Orange Yumo, performance
AnTuTu X 13.602 points
Quadrant 4.908 points
Vellamo HTML 5: 2,133 points
Metal: 538 points
3DMark Ice Storm (720 p): 4.129
Ice Storm Extreme (1080 p): 2.258
Ice Storm Unlimited: 3.621
EPIC Citadel High performance: 53.9 FPS @ 1280 x 720
High quality: 52.7 FPS @ 1280 x 720
Ultra High quality 100%: 26.8 FPS @ 1280 x 720
BenchmarkPI 368 milliseconds

See complete gallery» Benchmarks Orange Yumo (10 photos)

As you can see, it is at the same level as HTC Desire 601. This SoC provides a good rendimiento-consumo and why is shown as a perfect balanced solution for the midrange.

Tests that the GPU has higher weight will be achieved a higher score if the screen that mounts the terminal has one minor less than 720 p resolution.

Orange 4G connectivity

We have given us a return from Madrid and we have seen that there is good 4 G coverage area downtown and tourist areas. Orange continues deploying 4G coverage is still a matter of months that coverage reaches the height of HSPA in large cities.

In speed tests, carried out with the app, we have tested both in standing and moving and we noticed that the download speed varies depending on the congestion of the network and coverage. The results that we have obtained fluctuate between 34 and 44 mbps download. The ascent maximum we have made has been 10.33 Mbps While the minimum has been 2.9 mbps.

See complete gallery» screenshots of test speed 4 G Orange (7 photos)

Comparing with HSPA speed is far superior, being the maximum speed obtained in Orange 4G network between 3 and 7 times that of traditional navigation HSPA coverage and network conditions. If we make a comparison in terms of coverage of Vodafone, we have noticed that Orange seems to be slightly behind in the deployment, but – as we know – this is a background race.

This terminal is compatible with LTE 3 Cat, i.e. it could bear at maximum rates of 100 mbps download and rises of up to 50 mbps, are still far from these theoretical maximums that you would reach if they were available and the 4 G deployment would allow it i.e.,.

Be that as it may, this speed range is superior to any connection to ADSL Internet via copper pair.


This terminal becomes very well stocked in this field since while not it boasts the latest sensors, that responds to a demand by the public of a good resolution and definition both images and video.

Photo made with Orange Yumo, HDR mode

The backlit Orange Yumo camera sensor is of 8Mpx and he is accompanied by a small and shy LED Flash that will surprise many with lighting that gets in distances short and medium.

The camera of this terminal interface is very simple and since we have no physical button to shoot is made use of onscreen controls for all. By default it is in an automatic mode that resolves fairly well situations, both outdoors and indoors.

Basic camera settings

We can play manually with values such as the exhibition (-2.2) or ISO (Up to 800) and even apply filters to the image in real time, something that we are sure that more than one thanks. This camera has no optical stabilization so we will have to have a noticeable pulse in situations of low light or choose the Fast mode. We also found quite successful the HDR mode It automatically manages the terminal.

See complete gallery» Orange Yumo: proof camera (9 photos)

Obviously we have a photographic smartphone or whose main focus is that. But we can admit that it is to a good level to be talking about a smartphone mid-range.

Video recorded with Orange Yumo

Where shines with special intensity is in the video recording where can we highlight not only the sharpness of the videos FullHD but a great system of continuous autofocus It will work with great smoothness as you can see below. If you are looking for decent pictures and videos with good quality, Orange Yumo is postulated as one of the most capable of this segment terminals.

Photo made with Orange Yumo

By putting a snag, we drop to Orange / Huawei that every day more people prefer photographs 16:9, a game with their TVs and screens of their mobile and Orange Yumo, from the camera only you can capture photos in formats 4:3, video there is no any problem apart from the lack of stabilization and my pulse to steal tambourines.

Software: Android 4.1.2 and Emotion UI 1.5

One of the aspects which were most surprised of this terminal is its software, which although – as expected – it is something custom for Orange-based applications of the company, has a very clean interface. We have 5 customizable Desktop with icons and widgets you want.

Applications really rest in the traditional crate of Android applications. Note that the terminal mounted a very competent SoC and 1 GB of RAM so just by using it. There is a general fluidity in the team whose offense was patent in its predecessor, Orange Daytona.

Orange Yumo offers a QuickStart system, within 5 seconds from shutdown you are in the unlock screen.

This model of Huawei makes use of audio improve DTS that becomes obvious when playing music or videos. In addition we also have Radio FM tuner (requires headphones as antenna).

Customizations of the terminal include access to applications and using actions touch gestures. Explain us:

You can define a gesture to open an application and to draw it on the screen you access to it. By default are various, for example, the camera is there to draw a square. It works very well, wherever you are in the operating system.

Also highlights a management system of profiles with which you can create, for example, a car that turns on the bluetooth and GPS or a mode night with which it will put the mobile in silence and proper data to save battery life.

Autonomy, large 2400 mAh battery

Orange Yumo integrates a large capacity battery for what has become the middle range. But not only that but that it also makes use of a energy management system It allows to choose which applications can run in the background.

This system and allowing you to stretch the autonomy of the terminal to more than two days with normal use: with mail push, WhatsApp, a couple of hours of music/FM Radio, any call and navigation web. It is one of the strong points of the terminal, no doubt.

Orange Yumo, Xataka Android view

In favour

  • Quality/price
  • Autonomy
  • Quality screen
  • Emotion UI interface


  • Weight
  • Closed to Orange users

This terminal is one of those who when they pass by your hand leave very good taste. Not only because of its great screen diagonal and quality but also by the autonomy offered by.

Today it is difficult to find a terminal with which you have an autonomy which go beyond a day, and less if we have performance offering this phone or not with a 5 inch screen.

As points to improve the Terminal destamos which has a very high weight, a little bit of diet and lose 20 grams would give you much value. We would also like to take pictures in 16:9 format natively, but we can otherwise only comment that it is a terminal that will both to novice users as power users, who surely are limitations on phone but we assure you that it will cost them to find them.

Orange Yumo It is a terminal we recommend due to its great balance price, features and autonomy.