OnePlus and Cyanogen Completes Its Cooperation

The company, which is behind the custom Cyanogen Android system, Cyanogen US, terminating cooperation with Chinese OnePlus.

One year-then went it no longer. Software company, Cyanogen, completes its cooperation with Chinese OnePlus, who stands behind the until recently inaccessible OnePlus One smartphone.

It is the technical director behind Cyanogen, Steve Kondik, who joins this out to Global Mobile Internet Conference, taking place in Beijing. Here he tells, that the two companies had different goals for software in OnePlus ‘ smartphone:

“It’s probably the last thing you will see from this cooperation, unfortunately. Two new companies are trying to do crazy things. Many people clashing, “ he says.

Cyanogen-Director: OnePlus would sell a unit without us

The Director of Cyanogen, Kirt McMaster, gives no indication that this cooperation has been further fruitful for them and believe that only the OnePlus, who has gotten the benefit of Cyanogens software and that it has not given any good for Cyanogen the other way.

“Without Cyanogen OnePlus would have sold in the neighborhood of one unit on the international markets,” he says in an internet to PCWorld. “In essence, they built their brand by taking advantage of Cyanogen.”

The end of cooperation comes hardly as the big surprise. The two companies have had a large sagsmål running after Cyanogen entered into an exclusive contract with another manufacturer, Yu, to lead its operating system on the large Indian market.

Just as OnePlus was going to open up for sale in India just prevented the Chinese company in the Cyanogen. It created great discord between the partner and has certainly been one of the decisive factors in this breach.

At the same time have Cyanogen also partnered with Microsoft, which means that the US will be preinstalled Microsoft Cyanogen-apps to find that in the long term should put distance to the many Google apps and services are to be found in the Cyanogen US at this time.

In the meantime, OnePlus in recent months been working on its own customized version of Android, which goes by the name OxygenOS. It is essentially the original Android, as you know from Nexus devices, but with small added features.

OnePlus has probably seen how it would carry over and has therefore an alternative operating system ready when CyanogenMod 12S – the current operating system in OnePlus – at a time no longer receive multiple updates.

OnePlus ‘ Director satisfied with cooperation

Unlike Cyanogen exhibit OnePlus’s Director, Carl Pei, great påskønnnelse of cooperation with Cyanogen and also tells in an e-mail message that cooperation between them was “mutually beneficial” despite the two companies ‘ different visions of how the software should be.

“We would not be where we are today without this joint effort,” he says.

Cyanogen will now instead search against other Chinese manufacturers, who can disseminate its unique software in larger quantities than what OnePlus has managed in the past year.

“OnePlus supplied in reasonable quantities, but nothing compared to what some of the other partners can deliver. So we are working with partners who can scale much faster, “ adds Kirt McMaster at the end.