Olfo Bose, a Tamer of Fleas in 1001 Atmosphera

When they gather in the same space, accessories, art, craftsmanship and luxury is a safe bet. Madrid Gallery 1001 Atmosphera He managed to gather a cast of artists, Jewellers and artisans of the skin, and promising young artists in their space from the calle General Pardiñas, 50 for three days.

Olfo Bose, a Tamer of Fleas in 1001 Atmosphera 1

I have to admit that power Chat openly with the creators It is one of the attractions of this profession, learn the history of each piece, each company, each craftsman or artist, who put a little bit of his soul in each of his works is a good way of see what we are seeing.

The work of Olfo Bose me I liked because, explained it me is to say that I have had the privilege of seeing it through your eyes. Soon, my colleague Almudena Pérez Mínguez, published an interview with the sculptor, who has dazzled us with their buckets, especially with the inspired by the ancient flea trainers.

And it is always a joy to talk with Carla Royo Vilanova. Its known cosmetic line based on rosa de Bulgaria, join some candles… which are not candles! It is a solid massage oil, that turning the wick is blending a little and taking the right temperature to make a more enjoyable massage.

Cristina Lacambra He told us how he is starting a business in the middle of the crisis, making all product in Spain and sell it overseas with a total success. Make large amounts for other companies, Cristina began with their purses, backpacks, covers for iPhone, iPad and other smrtphones that fill our lives and online sales has become the international recognition, apart from Madrid, where he has his workshop and Ubrique where made you some articles. An example to follow in times that run.

Olfo Bose, a Tamer of Fleas in 1001 Atmosphera 2

Jewelry of all known as Luby & Lemerald, with exclusive parts of Laura Ponte, By 164 with exclusive pieces of Capucine Pointillart, and necklaces and bracelets of Buy with love, interchangeable shoes of By Larin, exceptional jackets and shirts from Baruc Corazón, headdresses and bandeaux of Mon Petit Bandeau y Rita Von… and so to see, enjoy, try and buy.

Olfo Bose, a Tamer of Fleas in 1001 Atmosphera 3

A whole universe of handicraft, art and luxury until Saturday 13 in 1001 Atmosphera.