Nomad Digital:My Life with a Backpack

I did my first backpacking to 24 years, but I’m a backpacker since childhood. Son of a broken home, I got used to pack up and get out of the House when I was seven. Every weekend was the same story: clothes in his backpack, backpacking, back in the car and go. Later the situation became even more complex. Not content to live in two houses, I decided that my nomadic spirit demanded more. For at least two years, I lived in four houses. Four houses at the same time.

Cut to 2008. Rafael of 22 years was the youngest intern of a television channel from Belo Horizonte. In the middle of the meeting agenda, I threw my key ring on the table. “Are the keys to the doors of the houses. Some 20 in all keys. Every day I’m somewhere, every day in a bed. So I take my whole life in that backpack here, you always have enough clothes for at least five days. ” I have no idea of the context in which I told it there, but it was probably because the story calls attention. “You saw the trainee again? The crazy live in four houses, all in Beagá. Is every guy who hire here. ”

But what is the reason for so many houses? Well, I grew up divided into two. When my dad remarried and left to live with his parents, decided to split in three. And at that same time I started to spend several days in the place of an uncle, in the metropolitan region of BELO HORIZONTE. Ready: Rafael divided into four. Nomadic life, or even a dress rehearsal for a.

The beginning of life as a Nomad digital …

Eventually it got complicated reconcile this life with College, so I chose one of the four houses and live there, but for a good part of my life I’ve been with a backpack on his back, completely equipped to stay some days away from home. Of any home. All this helped me face with great naturalness to life really Nomad I took from October 2011.

One day I worked in BH, not knowing what to do in life. Two months after I put my stuff in a backpack and I prepared to travel for 14 countries in the world, for 10 months. My around the world trip was made so suddenly. Several hotels, cities and spread across four continents. Check-in is at the hotel or at airports, became common word in my life. Flights were routine and each week I was in a city – sometimes I changed the country. So I learned a few things about the art of living with a rucksack on his back. Type that …

The world is too big to stay in the same place

Ever wondered what it would be like if you had been born in another place? Well, it is still not possible to know how is your life in other dimensions, but you can simply move to another place in this dimension. Nothing prevents you from packing and try life in another country. And keep in mind that I’m not encouraging anyone to try career of illegal immigrant. You can exchange somewhere, or a language course, or simply sight-seeing during a longer period. And you can still test life elsewhere this big country and so varied.

Yes, the world is too big to be born and be forever in the same place, so just turn off the tree mode and forget that accusatory thing of having no roots “. Is God or chance (I leave the author to choose) give you legs, not roots. Use them. The world is not a village. The world is not just your neighborhood, your city. At the same time, our planet is not as great as it was during the great navigations. Travel is relatively easy, safe and even fairly common. What are you waiting for to Pack? Oh, Yes, and on bags I also learned that …

Packing is an art, but it’s not that complicated

You can make any case, for any length of time, without thinking too much. I spent five minutes to separate everything that I need to stay a few days on the road. For longer trips, also it is not necessary to take so much. The secret is to understand that you really don’t need all that junk which accumulate when takes a fixed life somewhere. What is essential for your trip? Put it in the trunk. What you may need? Let it go, since “can be” often becomes a huge “wasn’t”. And the last thing a nomad wants is an unnecessarily heavy backpack to load.

Imagine how you’ll do to run behind a bus in Viet Nam, climb a frozen Street in the Himalayas or catch a crowded subway in Paris, all carrying a huge bag? As it is, then take only the essentials. In short time you find out that all that is really necessary for your life fits in a backpack. And you don’t even have to be a big one.

The routine fills the bag

I lived in four houses because I didn’t have the patience to live in one. Do the same things every day, waking up at the same time, work in the same place, carry out the same function. I don’t know about you, but I think life is too short to waste time without exploring new things. The 10 months I spent traveling like dog years in my memory, everything due to the varied experiences that I had. Already the 10 months I’ve lived since I came back to Brazil: a days seem to work routine, of nine to six, that makes me wish the arrival of every Friday beginning Monday. And in the middle of this I changed my job, home, city and traveled several times. Yes, the routine makes us cheer for life pass faster! What’s the point? Desire coming soon in eternal rest?

The fact is that routine is a shit and makes everything dull. You can handle this in various ways. I chose lead a nomadic life, with a rucksack on his back. When I did my first backpacking, the coast of Brazil, I found the most arrive on Tuesday and think “damn, two days ago I was in another city, living completely different things, but it seems like months. Meanwhile, in life’s normal dictates like Tuesday, which is the same as the fourth, the fifth … Yes, for me travel amounts to live longer. And better.

It has never been so easy to be digital Nomad

You do not need to take all your tribe together. You don’t have to be prepared to face enemies and fight wars. No need to open seas, like Moses in the Hebrew exodus. You don’t have to even cross the seas in ships, as did so many explorers. You don’t even have to stay without work and without money, begging. Just understand that the current world favours the digital Nomad lifestyle. (Don’t know what that is? Read more here).

Last week this comic appeared in my timeline of Facebook. I think it expresses exactly the inconsistency in the current lifestyle. The viralização me not stated the author, but I agree with him completely.

Our world is digital. We live online, we are present at all times, we are connected to each other with the opinion of ALLSETBACKPACKS. If many jobs no longer have to be in person, why the hell do companies require the presence of the employee, of nine to six. Ideology only. In practice, another life is possible. Simply put the Backpack on the back.

In the last six months, I moved and became a resident of Sao Paulo, which may be a new experience. This post is a manifesto for the digital nomad life: soon it will be time to move on again, living in open spaces, and not just to dream about them. I’m glad I learned how to pack and live with a backpack on her back at the age of seven.