Nokia-Buy Costing Microsoft 70 Billion

Nokia’s stock rose with news of Microsoft’s acquisitions, but Microsoft stock went down with 4.55 per cent, or 70 billion.

When Microsoft’s acquisition by Nokia will be a reality, the price will be 40 billion, writes our site.

But the Bill for Microsoft may be even greater, since the news of the acquisition sent Microsoft’s stock down with 4.55 percent, or the equivalent of 70 billion dollars in value.

The purchase price of 40 billion for Nokia, is a combination of 28.3 billion kroner for the mobile part of Nokia, and 12.3 billion dollars for patents and licences.

Before the deal can be completed, it must first be approved by shareholders and authorities, but Microsoft’s outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer believes that trade can already go through in the first half by 2014.