Nexus 6p: Rear Window Frail and Reports of Random Breakage on the rise

The Nexus 6 p is a very interesting product and certainly more desirable than the Nexus 5 x. But we have seen this week some stress tests which showed a certain fragility of the product. Videos that do not have anyway done complete clarity and you wonder if you really Nexus 6 psuffer of #bendate or less | Nexus 6 p against lighters, cutters and bend test | AGG. Bend Test confirmed? |.

Now come new reports, unfortunately more than just one and talk about isolated case you cannot, related to rear glass that covers camera and NFC. According to some users, photos attached, the glass would break easily and randomly and not due to knocks, falls or shocks.

We talk about differences in temperature, cold surfaces like marble they do crack the glass, pressure shocks with broken glass in an airplane flight and other cases with nicks appeared out of nowhere and without any real motivation.

When the news is still to be explored and it is unclear whether this is a bad match or if all Nexus 6 p suffer from this potential problem cataloging the incident as a design flaw of the glass, perhaps too thin and fragile.

Huawei Nexus 6 p is available online from ePRICE to 524 euro. The price is decent and there are 4 better models.