Nexus 6 p and LG V10 Will Compete in a Nighttime Photographic Comparison

Huawei Nexus 6 p and LG V10 are two of the latest top of the line, made by Huawei and LG that boast interesting photographic skills expressed in very different philosophies. Nexus 6 p does indeed rely on a new sensor from Sony EXMOR IMX377 12 Megapixels with pixels with a size of 1.55 microns suitable for night shots, despite being deprived of optical stabilization. On the other hand LG opts for a more traditional approach for its V10, thanks to a 16-MegaPixel sensor with f/1.8 already appreciated on LG G4 towards the beginning of the year.

Both manufacturers have therefore paid special attention to the photographic sector and the results, in this case obtained by night, are visible through the rich Gallery of images taken in Auto HDR mode and in 4:3 format that we propose below. On the left to find the shots of Nexus 6 p, while on the right those of LG V10.

A first difference that you may notice about the wide angle wider than Nexus 6 p that allows you to capture a greater number of elements in the picture. More realistic colors and brightness balance are two other elements in favor of Nexus 6 p, who, despite producing less bright shots in the early cases, shows us how you can get decidedly brighter picture in bright little or nothing, as in the last two pictures. In short, a fair trial from a terminal of the family Nexus, certainly not famous for the quality of his photos, although we have to say that LG V10 not bad at all and defends the photos of both devices are more than satisfactory.

Before I leave the photo comparison, please note that you can consult the official topic on our forums to find out the opinions and impressions of the first users to have put his hand on new terminals Huawei/Google and LG: