News Bonheur: Clothes for Pregnant Women

Remember that I did several looks with clothes Bonheur?

This week asked for the brand to send a suitcase at home with some news of my size, as well as I have a few events still to the Manu was born, nothing else fits. This time I didn’t have the heart to take the pictures with the clothes, because I’m very bloated and the photos look like even bigger!

News Bonheur Clothes for Pregnant Women 1

I photographed so the pieces I tried and liked to show you. All those clothes you can more than take advantage of even without being pregnant because there’s no clipping or template that remember pregnant clothes. Even more in the current phase of fashion where everything is more 62! Because I wouldn’t buy anything that couldn’t take advantage of since I am in almost 9 months and I don’t intend to have other children then!

Mesh Tie Dye t-shirt. I loved the colors!

Nude silk shirt with black lace. You know I love silk shirt, and this certainly is one of those pieces that make a difference. Better yet which is made to use the entire pregnancy.

News Bonheur Clothes for Pregnant Women 2

Wool vest. Super warm.

Sweatshirt blue Blazer Bic. This color is awesome and looks great with white t-shirt and jeans.

Grey Blazer of sweats. Key total!

Tailoring pants flare. You don’t know how these pants. I’m almost 35 weeks and it was perfect! Then I’m going to find a way to adapt to when I get back to my weight because I loved. Besides the trim, it’s made in a fabric half merged but squishy, so is super comfortable.

News Bonheur Clothes for Pregnant Women 3

Long skirt

The Bonheur only sells by the site, but if you go to Sao Paulo, contact mark via the form on the website that they send a suitcase with everything you want to experience of your size and remove the next day.