New Vodafone 155 Simplicity, a Phone for Adults with Active Services Included

Maybe older people are not the most profitable for operators, as a profile that does not usually use the Internet on your mobile and that normally only used to make and receive calls, but even so today Vodafone announces the launch of a new phone for the elderly It also includes various advisory services.

The Vodafone 155 Simplicity with a keypad with large buttons for ease of use, screen with large text and a loud besides being compatible with hearing aids. The phone also includes a programmable emergency button, by keeping it pressed for several seconds ago get a text message to the selected contact and making a call with the hands-free enabled in addition to sound an alarm. The 511 Simplicity also features with function flashlight, radio and the load is performed by a base.

Vodafone customers who acquire this terminal will have free access to active duty, provided in collaboration with Asmedit. Through it users can perform queries on guidance medical, social, psychological, legal and nutritional.

The price of zero euros phone for Vodafone customers with any of the rates to speak, 35 euros for new customers contract the operator and 39 euros for those who opt for prepaid.