New Star Wars App Turns You On Selfies In Outer Space Heroes

Once be Jedi – the new Disney star wars app makes it possible: even without much cover art are iPhone and Android users with one click in the Kutna gap of Star Wars warriors throw and complete even lightsaber training.

The free app will tune in once on the next Star Wars film, but at the same time offers a whole lot of fan toys for lau, as Mashable reported. In addition to the weather report in Star Wars style (“cold like on Hoth”), you can get sound effects, train your lightsaber sweep, and look at a couple of Nice GIF animations. For Android users, the app is already available in Germany. iOS users must still wait: there is the app in the US store.

New Star Wars App Turns You On Selfies In Outer Space Heroes

Jedi, Sith Lord Or Droid?

When you first start you must choose for the dark or the light side of the force – or remain neutral as a droid such as R2-D2. Don’t worry: You can change this setting later–Anakin Skywalker switched sides so well a few times. The sound effects and the appearance of the Star Wars app change depending on the selection. Except for the Nice goodies, the app contains also a countdown, which reminds the fan when comes the upcoming Star Wars saga in the cinemas.

In Germany will be “Star Wars: the awakening of power” be expected to see in December. The two planned sequels to follow in 2017 and 2019. The first spinoff of “Rogue One” is announced for 2016, which revolves around the theft of the death star plans. 2018 a further spinoff to the adventures of the young Han is scheduled also for solo, a title not yet fixed but. Who is better attuned with games on the event, raised a look “Star Wars: uprising”.